Hyundai Starex – The new luxurious MPV in town

Hyundai Starex – The new luxurious MPV in town

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The all-new 11-seater Hyundai Starex sets the trend of large group mobility in luxury and comfort without compromising in safety, style, performance and economy. Groups of 11 people no longer need to travel in a cramped and uninspiring vehicle.

The occupants can get into and out of the jumbo-size rear interior with utmost ease through the two large sliding doors. Accommodating them in full comfort are three rows of adjustable seats with ample leg and shoulder rooms to stretch on long journeys.

Further comfort inside the Hyundai Starex comes in the form of niche entertainment features that include ceiling-mounted LCD screen, sound surround speakers and CD changer; all hand installed by master craftsmen to create a luxurious ambience.

Luxurious interior

Ensuring a cool and enjoyable journey even under the unforgiving tropical heat, there are large air condition outlets on the dashboard, six on the edges of the ceiling and another two on the flat floorboard as standard fittings.

Designed from ground up to meet the needs of modern lifestyle, the Hyundai Starex should revolutionise group travels. The stylish overall design of the Hyundai Starex starts with a distinguished and prominent nose featuring trendy headlamp clusters, large radiator grille and front bumper. Every arrival in the large Hyundai Starex is with admiration all round.

Ultra luxurious seats on the concept 7 seater variant of the Grand Starex

Large flared wheel arches create the sporty image while carefully sculptured rear of the Hyundai Starex culminates the signature design of the latest people carrier in town. In fact, the simple addition of a set of light alloy wheels is all that is needed to heighten up the looks of the Hyundai Starex.

Looks alone are not the only strong point of the Hyundai Starex. Beneath the rigid and tough body are state-of-the-art automotive technology features found mostly in expensive high performance sedans. All round coil spring suspension and disc brakes fittings are enough to drop the jaws in awe of even the most sporting motorists. These items enable the Hyundai Starex to soak up the worst road conditions with ease and stop a lot safer and faster.

More super hot standard features are the turbo-charged green engine with common rail direct injection (CRDi) and variable geometry turbocharge (VGT) that ensure the Hyundai Starex moves a lot faster yet more economical than anything in its class.

If those items are enough to satisfy the most discerning motorist, there are more. How about the 5-speed seamless automatic transmission found mainly in expensive Continental sports sedans?

In short, the Hyundai Starex revolutionises how to be a star among large people carrier with its looks, features and value for money. It is also a good base for those bold enough to create a truly personalised version as demonstrated by some units shown at the launch in One Utama.

L to R: Deputy General Manager of Hyundai Asia Pacific, Mr. CJ Park with Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors, Mr. Dennis Ho

In the grand version, one can add special leather seats, pop-up 15-inch TV, electrically powered footrests, foldaway coffee table and Mahogany side tables. There is actually no limit in personalising the interior into a mobile living or bed room but the fact remains that the Hyundai Starex is the perfect base vehicle to start with.

With a base model price of RM138,888 (OTR without insurance for private ownership), the Hyundai Starex 2.5 CRDi Auto offers true value for money. Even with the full customising, the Hyundai Starex would still be a very affordable MPV.


  1. Great MPV,like to test drive before get one.Pls tell me where can i view around SJ/USJ/PJ?

  2. Hi cheeray, you can test drive the Starex at the Hyundai 3S centre located in Glenmarie, Shah Alam. It’s just minutes away from Subang Parade.

  3. Hai,
    Congratulation to Hyundai for the launching of Starex. Very nice and usefull vehichle. Why not, for the next varian, produce the Starex with a double sunroof?
    Thank you. I’m veri sorry for my poor English.

  4. Hi car lovers, I think this MPV is worth a money for. Haven’t seen 1 yet, but by the look in this photos, it is very impressive. Like to hear comment from those who had test drive. Thanks.

  5. Matthew, yes it’s extreme value for money. AFAIK, the first batch is already all sold out. Second batch is on it’s way here.

  6. Test drove one just now. Excellent power, good quality leather, the radio a bit dodgy though (not flushed), acres of space.

    I dont think I could sleep tonight ;-)

  7. What is the fuel economy?? 1 litre can go how many km??
    What type of air-cond do this car have?(climatic or normal)
    Such big vehicles need big cooling capacity?

  8. Hi Guys,

    I bought one in August. Very happy so far with the car though not with Hyundai, due to below average service center service level. 5 year or 300k km warranty is more than i could ever ask for in a car. Peace of mind for me and my wallet.

    This mpv won’t appeal to everyone due to the huge size but perfect for me, family of 8 with 1 more due next year. Let me list down the pros and cons :

    1. Killer price at under RM140K. We previously drove the Honda Stream but the family has outgrown this ride. Was looking for a replacement. None was available except for grey import recon estima and alphard. Overpriced and with none or limited warranty. The starex was god sent.

    2. Plenty of space for people and luggage.

    3. Powerful engine. Fairly quiet from inside the mpv.

    4. Kick ass touch screen dvd head unit with another monitor for rear passengers. Plays dvd, cd, radio, usb port for mp3. Great for kids.

    5. Reverse camera with a head unit on the rear view mirror.

    6. 5 year or 300k km warranty. Where can you get this ????

    7. Air cond vents all around the mpv. Six vents for rear passengers.

    8. Easy to drive and handle. Even for the missus.


    1. Terrible Hyundai customer service level (at least at the outlet i frequented in jb). My rear camera malfunctioned, and they took 3 weeks just to tell me to bring the car back to them to dismantle the unit to be sent to KL for warranty claim. I told them off and sent the vehicle myself to KL at the original accessory shop. Fixed within 1 hour. Free.

    2. No rear wiper

    3. Fuel consumption a bit high. Around 8-9Km per liter. But then again i drive fast and this car is huge. At least diesel is 5 sen cheaper than petrol.

    4. Roof mounted antenna adds to the already tall height. Problem getting into underground parking. Took it off and installed Bosch printed antenna. Reception just as good and no more parking issue.

    5. No reverse sensor. Camera okay but night time visual not so clear. So installed a pair myself.

    6. Big size makes maneuvering a bit of an issue in tight spaces. Now adjusting driving style to adapt.

    7. Ride a bit bumpy on uneven road surface. Highway no problem. Maybe suspension a bit stiff or tyre quality suspect. Must follow exactly tyre pressure recommendation to alleviate the problem slightly.

    All in all damn happy to have this minibus in the family. Not for everyone though. Big family yes. Buy just to show off don’t bother.



  9. hi guy and lady,i m kit here from sri petaling for who want to test drive the hyundai grand starex just make a appointment with me.i can arrange the car to let u test drive.

    Admin Note: No sellling in our forum or blog please. Anyone who may want to try or test drive the Starex can always call or vist any Hyundai branches nationwide. You may browse to this URL in Autoworld for a list of Authorised Hyundai dealer:

  10. Hi, my name is Hans.
    I am starting a new business here in South Africa and am very interested in the Starex.
    Please could you give me information on when this vehicle will be launched in Durban, South Africa, I would love to be there.
    Kind Regards,
    Hans Olsen, Durban

  11. To HYUNDAI KOREA AND ALL DEALERS and whoever else may be interested,

    just took home my brand new grand starex three days ago. started having problems with it in less than 24 hours. there is an irritating vibrating sound when starting from stop position in first gear up to 2nd gear, manual transmission. it’s worse when going up a parking ramp in first gear. decelaration at low speed in first and second gears also brings it out. brought it back to the dealer immediately, they could not locate the source and i was told to wait for the thousand kilometer check-up and give time for the gears and other parts to fit-in into each other. huh? hope someone can suggest something.


  12. Hi all. I work in a hyundai dealership in the UK. We also have the Starex but known as the i800. Can i just say a big congratulations to Hyundai. This MPV looks F A N T A S T I C ! ! ! I only hope we have a simlar spec launched in the uk, as this would ooooz appeal for business and private trval alike. Well Done!

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