Prelude to the Frankfurt Motor Show

Prelude to the Frankfurt Motor Show

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Frankfurt, Monday, 10 September 2007 – It’s a slightly overcast Monday morning in Frankfurt, Germany, and four of our Malaysian motoring journalists are here as guests of the Volkswagen Group Malaysia to visit the Frankfurt Motor Show 2007. The show starts tomorrow morning, and we are taking in the sights of Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is supposedly where the German sausage, the frankfurter, originated from; in fact. Germany is famous for its sausages, and you can get them in all shapes and sizes. We spent a whole day exploring the old part of the city, which also happens to be where the main shopping area of Frankfurt. Here, you can get all the famous brands, and although the prices are not the cheapest in the world, the choices are more than what we can get back home.

In the evening, we attended a ‘Driving Ideas’ presentation by the Volkswagen Group, where 1500 journalists from 62 countries around the world got together and have a sneak preview of the 8 new cars that will be launched by the Volkswagen Group tomorrow at the motor show.

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