New Falken Sports Tyre Now in Malaysia

New Falken Sports Tyre Now in Malaysia

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Claiming to introduce the first all-new tyre pattern in Malaysia in 2001, Exnova Sdn Bhd yesterday launched the Falken Azenis ST115 just two months after its debut in Japan. The new tyre, made by Osaka-based Ohtsu Tire & Rubber Co. (Ohtsu is part of the huge Sumitomo Rubber Industries group) was launched earlier this month in Singapore as well and the ASEAN region is the first area to get the new Falken.

Described as a high-performance sports radial tyre, the ST115 incorporates an innovation in tyre technology which Ohtsu calls the “Noise-Cut Sports Compound’. With this new technology, it is claimed that lower noise levels and comfort are now possible while maintaining a high performance capability.

The unique technology of the new compound makes use of silica micro-vacuum capsules – up to 60 million of them in a 225/50R16 ST115 – which are embedded in the base tread. As sound cannot travel through a vacuum (that’s why outer space is so silent), noise emissions from the road surfaces are greatly minimized.


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