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Fire Extinguisher In Cars

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Posted 28 August 2018 - 05:29 PM


    2nd Gear

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one more thing that good about dry powder or abc fire extingusher ..criteria before u buy it make sure it had a sirim aproved logo at the fire extongusher...avoid store inside car withaout any this 3rd parties approval for your foam fire 500 ml extingusher because it not been tested and inside car is so hot...maybe reach up tu 41 deg c...my reaserc of 500ml or 250ml foam extingusher can only stand up to 50 deg c high and as low as 2 deg c temp...if u already have it its good but better put it at your leaving room..

u need to buy a sirim approved dry powder 1kg for your car..kitchen or your car garage..

one more thing this dry powder 1kg fire extingusher life spent is 12 years...and once you buy..only monitor the gauge if it shiw at green just keep it..it still functioning event for home use u no need to call a profasional fire extingusher expert to test it..just prepare a water inside your toilet basin, this call hydrotest same like when tire man checking any leakage of flet tire. Just put the extingusher inside the water..observe any bubble came out from it..if no bubble then it mean it still good to go ...but if there is a sign if bubble then u need to go for expert ...

have a nice day..