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Honda City Vs Vios

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Posted 01 May 2003 - 12:44 AM


    Fast & Furious

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AthlonXP: I've tried the S mode for a while. Kinda scary lah coz the car
will be revved quite high. I think I pushed the car till like 4.5-5k RPM.
Power got power lah I think, coz it was rather brief and didn't want to
push it too hard.

It feels like my Corolla SEG on OD OFF mode :)


Posted 01 May 2003 - 01:55 AM



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I think the rear of City is damn ugly, take a look at it!


Posted 01 May 2003 - 08:33 AM



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Hi Athlon XP,

What you said is true to a certain extend...but again the difference like
what the rest has mentioned is too big... 88PS compare to 109PS. Look at
the torque curve (from Vios cataloque)...the VVti already reach the 131
NM at 2700 rpm (the peak of idsi) and continue all the way up to 142 Nm
at 4200 rpm. It's so obvious : the power are the same all the way to
2700 rpm but continue up to 4200 rpm. Idsi engine after 2700 rpm will
have the power reduced.

The feedback that I got from friends in Singapore is based on life
experience drive on both car. Thus as power is concern , I have no doubt
that Vios is much more powerful.

CVT is a very inovative stuff. Majority of the Honda Civic in Singapore
utilized the CVT in the past few years. You would not feel any gear
change coz there is no gear..just pulley. Very smooth and save petrol BUT
here is the bas part..it's not as reliable as old proven 4 gear system.
As a matter in fact I have heard quite a number of my friends has their
gear box (CVT) changed...some as high as 3 times a year... 3 brand new
CVT gear box a year. Good thing is it's still under warranty.. if
not ..sorry lah ..pocket burn again. And as you know... Honda seemed to
be moving back to 4 gear system with their newer model..the new 1.6 Honda
Civic in Singapore ....maybe too much claim by consumer.

As for I-dsi engine ..remember that the engine is initially designed for
Jazz... a small compact car..for City driving with emphasis on petrol
saving and cost saving. Controlling only 2 valve per cylinder and only
using SOHC is a much cost effective engine (cheaper). As for Vios engine
or Corolla engine, it's design for mid-car range ..DOHC ..16 valve ..VVTi
which is a much more complex and expensive with the idea of an overall
car...supposed to be for the best selling car in the world.

If we want to compare engine between Honda and Toyota..then a good
comparison should be a a Honda SOHC i-Vtec and Toyota DOHC VVti. I am
sure everyone knows that Honda DOHC Vtec is the most powerful engine
around but because of high cost..Honda only manage to bring in the SOHC
for Civic. As for the Toyota VVti engine (1NZ-FE), go and do a
search..it's one of the most efficient engine ever design for both power
and petrol consumption.

I have a Honda City Vtec year (2001)..very powerfull in respect to the
1.5 section but last year I test drive the Toyota Corolla 1.5 in
Singapore..it's slightly more powerful than the 1.5 Vtec. Maybe more
power in the lower band. So if Vios is much lighter..I expect it to be so
much more powerful.

And why is the Honda Jazz/Fit ungraded to a Honda SOHC Vtec for Japan
market and Singapore...again...the Idsi do not provide the required power
for some people.

As for the steering.. I am not sure whether Vios is using Hydraulic or
electric. But electric is very light and do not consume power from
engine..thus saving power and petrol but do not provide the
feedback..feeling. In singapore only low end car use electric power
steering while high end still use the hydraulic for feedback feeling.
Example : Toyota Corolla 1.5 use electric power steering..Toyota Corolla
1.6 use Hydraulic. The feeling is obvious. There is always pro and cons
of each. You cannot win both.


Posted 01 May 2003 - 09:13 AM


    Road Warrior

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You will become CVT guru after reading n understanding EVERYTHING on this
website n its links.Big Smile


Posted 01 May 2003 - 10:38 AM



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Just heard there will be Vios tourshow in Johor Bahru..at Plaza Pelangi
on Saturday. Got invitation from my trusted friendly sales lady ... look
for Jolene if you guys/gals plan to buy Vios in JB. Got to support old
friend a bit...anyway heard the price of $82.5K for G and $75.5K for E
is also estimated and might go lower during the actual launch in June.


Posted 01 May 2003 - 02:16 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...Big Smile

These are the kind of input / comment i'm looking for.
Real life experience with good example.

Now i'm getting 2 sides of the story and i'm in a better position to
evaluate both cars.

Waalau.....change gearbox (CVT) 3 times a year....ah....

dame scary....

for ur info...i think i read about the unreliability of the CVT gearbox in
the Singapore Business Times before....sometime early this year when Honda
Civic gearbox was changed from CVT to normal 4AT....
This was discussed in the Honda forum.

Thanks again......appreciate it...

thanks for giving me the website...will check it out....Big Smile

er...any comment on Vios rear legroom.....i'm expecting it to be better
since Vios has a larger wheel base.

Anyone, any more comments.....


Posted 01 May 2003 - 04:10 PM


    Road Warrior

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actually i read in a Thai auto forum..that the Vios legroom actually
is no better than City !!! is suprising right ?? i also read in
a Singapore Auto Mag. that actually the Vios looks bigger in
the press pictures compared to the real one...i have to see for
myself this coming 10 May!!

The more I read on both the Vios and City...the more I get
confused....some say Vios is good...some say City is better...
vice versa........

....but in general both cars are very good alternative
to Proton !!


Posted 01 May 2003 - 05:38 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Well....maybe i should say stop comparing between city and vios..
i mean both of them have their own cons and pros.
BUT if u look for ecomical(8 valve only) yet new tech(7 speed CVT) to play
with, go for CITY...i'm damn sure u wont regret...

BUT if u are crazy of power and always needs some Ooohmss when driving, go
for VIOS...the VVTi wont disappoint u~!

BUT nevertheless, if u r more gentle and require some comfortable, silent
and stable driving during high speed, i strongly recommend u to go for
SENTRA 1.5SE(although the price would be about 10k higher than city). But
i can sure that u wont regret becoz the sentra is equipped with superb
silent engine(the engine is so silent becoz of its one stage silent timing
chain). Cruising at 140km/h, the engine is still quiet and u can enjoy ur
music very well. Even if u speed up to 170km/h, the car is still very
stable due to its multilink beam(this kind of suspension is specially
designed for cruising at high speed with high stability, used by skyline
also). Why i know? becoz currently i own one(1.5L). The quietness inside
the cabin of the sentra is superb even my fren's 1.8 Corolla altis owner
have to admit. Toyota has never produced bad cars but in terms of engine
quietness, they loss all the way to nissan, even use 1.8 corolla altis to
compete with my humble sentra N16 1.5L.


Posted 01 May 2003 - 05:56 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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eh? all 3 pun sama punya message???

hheh... i cant say its pretty true as i sat on the Sentra 1.5 and its
pretty ok but quietness... i doubt so. and as for timimg chain even rhe
Altis has it le... Altis is quiet but not to extend that i can't hear the
engine revving. Big Smile All the three cars are well made jap cars... so three
of them has its fair share of pros and cons.

but no matter how u put it, the new 1.5 cars unleashed by honda and toyota
will be the talk of the town up till when Nissan decided to revamp the
Sentra 1.5 to go against the two makes. If not, I doubt ppl will go for it.

Unless we're talking abt Cefiro Big Smile thats a whole different story....[jut

just my humble opinion.. Big Smile


Posted 01 May 2003 - 06:09 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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I'm getting high with all these Big Smile

*hic! hic! hic!*