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Honda City Vs Vios

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Posted 30 April 2003 - 04:25 PM



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Guess this is the talk of the town now. After reading so much of the pro
and cons of each car. Here is the summarization of them.

Honda City Vs Toyota Vios

1) Looks - up to individuals.
City definately have a more modern look but a lot do not like the short
front and bulky back. Short front concern is ..in case of
accident...damage to engine is definately. Bulky back -- good for luggage.
Will the looks wear out like the fashion? Remember the Alfa 147?

Vios - more conventional - normal look. Some like ..look like smaller
Lexus Altezza.

2) Fuel Consumption
Based on spec..the City are suppose to win on these but based on feedback
from Singapore forum..and test conducted by magazines..not much different.
As low as 10km/l to 16km/l. Depending on how you drive.

3) Power :
Just look at the spec. BHP means speed. Torque means pick-up . Both of
these..Vios win.
Rumoured is City is going to go for Vtec for the power like Fit but the
price will be definately high.(experience from Jazz show that lack of
power for power crazy people)
Based on owners feedback..the City is good for town driving..more than
enough power BUT when you go above 90km/h..you suddenly realised..where
is all the horses?? Due to the design for City driving ..torque peak at
2700 rpm... go higher no more energy..something like the Proton
Waja...town and low speed good..once you go up higher ..no more power.
Very dangerous for overtaking...those that have test drive the Honda City
will tell you these..IF they test the car above 90km/l. If you test the
car below 90km/h , you will not feel the lost of power. Try it next round.

As for Vios..it's the same engine as the Toyota Corolla in Singapore and
Japan.. so the design is not limited to town. Power suppose to be very
good..0-100km/h was clocked at 9.8 sec for manual. Too bad Malaysia do not
have manual. Feedback is that the car has very good power all the way up
to 140 km/l.

Handling :

Again, feedback from those who has drive ...Vios win all the way.

Quality :

Toyota is number one but Honda should be very close.

Best is wait until Vios is ready for test drive!

Summary :

Get a City if you want to get a second car for your wife or GF. Nice
looking , flexible seat, big boot space, look expensive.

If you want an overall car ..as for family, long distance drive,..for
going on highway, power crazy people...go for Vios.

That's it. Lazy to talk somemore.


Posted 30 April 2003 - 04:39 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Me too, lazy to compare liao...

to tell u the truth i like both BUT my tender heart tends to sway over to
the baby Altis, Vios Big Smile


Posted 30 April 2003 - 04:54 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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i will use it for my long distance ride...and most of the time in car
too...better choose Vios...reliable


Posted 30 April 2003 - 05:34 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Nice comparison but i would like to add one point on the power thing..

Allow me to share something that i have researched:

Based on paper, Vios has 109bhp and City has 88bhp...
but that power is based on the engine output. It does not mean you have
109bhp or 88bhp "on the wheels". The engine also sort of power the a/cond
compressor, alternator and the power steering pump. So you have less power
going to the wheels. Ever wonder why, in some cars, when u floor the oil
pedal, the a/cond is automatically shut off to give u every bit of power

Now, the City uses an EPS (Electrical Power Steering) to replace the power
steering pump....that means one less thing to suck power from the engine.

The other power robbing thing is the torque converter in the gearbox. I'm
not too sure how this CVT gearbox works (still researching) but i
understand it does not have a torque converter...again this mean less
power loss.

With the absence of these 2 things, i believe there is actually more power
available at the wheels to drive the car. This is City main advantage. The
Vios, despite having more bhp, it's power is robbed by those thing
mention. I do not have any figures but i believe that in terms of power,
both are equally the same with Vios having the advantage bcos of better
power to weight ratio. Vios kerb weight is 980kg while City is 1080kg (i

Another thing is, City has 3 driving modes, D Mode for normal city
driving, S Mode for Sports and the 7-Speed mode.

When in D Mode, the power is not there bcos the ECU will run the engine at
the most economical mode. The ECU also limits the RPM TO 5000rpm...(i
think)...so no power....this may explain why some ppl who tested the car
will conclude that it has no power and cannot rev highly....

When in S Mode, the ECU then gives u all the engine power and u can rev up
to 6000rpm.

In 7 Speed Mode....i'm not too sure how this work...but it seems to be
there to give u control over the car power in certain situation.

I got all my info from www.asia.vtec.net.

I hope this puts some light into the City lower power issue and when u
test drive the City, do keep this in mind. Try engaging S Mode and floor
the pedal.....Big Smile

After the test drive, pls update me.



Posted 30 April 2003 - 06:57 PM


    Hot Rod

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Normally the engione power were stated "on paper" which mean maybe 10%
less than actual loh...coz " On the road"...but even how's H.City save
power from power stering, CVT gearbox..and etc...still far away below
moreover I dun think CVT gearbox can give any vroom even S mode...!! for
7speed..heee its a joke man....how's the gear ratio can reach sure
ratio....aiya no point saying loh...juz wait for Vios to launch then onli
give comment loh...

** if really wan to test Vios earlier can go SG loh...


Posted 30 April 2003 - 07:42 PM


    Road Warrior

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I hv driven a Msian assembled Vios a few mths back. It is POWERFUL for a
1.5. The VVT-i engine is smooth from 1000rpm to 4000 rpm. Then slight
lost of power due to drag and low engine cc. This is already very good.
The power delivery is almost as good as the 1.8 Altis. The car is very
suitable for city as well as expressway driving. The Vios autobox is
geared for acceleration as such its rather high but very smooth. I felt
it was better than the Altis due to lesser load.
My friend tested the City last week, me a passenger...we concluded that
while it was nice it felt like drivin a golf buggy on the road. The car
has an almost eerie steering feel or the lack of it. According to him,
there was NO steering feedback...meaning the steering will not give you
any feel of speed or road holding. Just very light or heavy.
I won`t say which is better as buying a car is entirely up to the

PS CVT - Continuous Variable Transmission. The auto box uses an
expanding/contracting metal belt acting on one? or two pulleys, alot of
electronics n a powerful OBC all linked to the ECU.
There r no fixed ratios, thus the excellent economy. As with the 7 speed
mode, its totally electronic and merely moves the belt to a particular
point on the pulley to simulate a gear ratio, another Honda gimmick.


Posted 30 April 2003 - 08:03 PM


    Fast & Furious

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No doubt the City has a lack of feedback. But for lady drivers, it's
heaven sent :) Hey, I don't mind the less weight as well since I don't go
berzerk and rev my car above 120km/h :)


Posted 30 April 2003 - 09:12 PM


    Taxi Driver

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which is more heavy ?
city or vios?


Posted 30 April 2003 - 10:02 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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bro chong take a bit of effort to search the forum or related websites to
get ur answers... Big Smile


Posted 01 May 2003 - 12:21 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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U test drive the Vios oledi....ah
Somemore a couple of mths ago and is M'sia assemble one...ah

Aisey man, these kind of info u oso don't want to share share with the bro
and sister here.....ah

So cruel ..lau...u
u should belanja everybody TT...ler..Tongue

Thks for ur opinion anyway.

Btw, what's ur comment on the space at the rear...ie legroom,
headroom....can't seems to find anybody comment on this area. Is it

I'm actually very interested in this i-DSI engine and CVT thing and thus i
asking around and researching. I don't want to comment on something that i
don't know or have no facts about it.

So any feedback given is appreciated.

Regarding City vs. Vios...i think both are great cars. U can't go wrong
chosing either one. Just have to decide which one suit u better.

Thks for ur comment.
Have u test drive it in S Mode...?