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:< !! Oops, My Optra kena BANG !!

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Posted 01 October 2004 - 06:54 AM


    Road Warrior

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Hi, Part 1 !!

On 29/9, I was hit from the back !! :<

It was quite an impact as I feel the shock which pushed me towards the
front. I think my car was moved forward for at least 2 feet.

I was stopping as the car in front is turning. The bang "Bonk" so loud
which stunned me for few second. I tot my optra and belakang
is 'gone' !! I don't dare to look at it. I got out the car, looking at
the Proton Wira which is mashed !! My mind said 'oh shooot'.

Then take a look, hey, still in tact. first glance, the bumper is
rosak. The rest okay.

I brought my car to the SC for a quick check the next day. It is the
bumber with the bumper assy. The bumper need to be replace plus the
inner part. I am glad that my optra is build so tough. The inner part
of the bumper is to absorb the impact. It is just like a beam. The
chasis is still ok. I do feel safe in such a car. I do happy that you
all also buy a chevy. A right choice.

I have uploaded the pics of my car plus the car that hit me. See it for
your self.


Posted 01 October 2004 - 06:56 AM


    Road Warrior

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Sorry. the pics is in our yahoo group. Under "Photos > Aaron's"


Posted 01 October 2004 - 07:24 AM


    Road Warrior

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Part 2.

Just to share some experience.

I went thru hell yesterday with the insurance company.

Ever heard about Kurnia Express !?!?! HAHA

Okay, I called Kurnia Assist to check on the procedure. They said, get
the police report, come here, we will pay u the amount not more than
RM3K, and you can do it in any workshop you wish. After I got my police
report, I go to the Kurnia main office near motorola.

The thing is, I went to the SC to check on the price / effort needed to
replace and repair. At least to get the price. Okay it is below RM3K.
It is RM2200.

Firstly, in Kurnia, the receptionist face looks like xxxx. Maybe semalam
tak dapat apa...I don't know. Anyway..fine.

When to the counter on 5th floor, try to get $ out to repair. The next
thing I know is, I am going to claim my own insurance account first,
which my NCB is lost for temporary. Then they said that, in order to get
back my NCB, I need to submit the third party police report and the
results fro mthe police plus a letter. Then they pass me some document
to fill up. I have to fill up with the scenario and sketches somemore.
Worst than the police report !!! I was thinking, since I submitted the
police report, all the scenario is there already. Double work !
I again fxxx up, as I'm the victim, why should I go up, down, here,
there, to get the stuffs done. I have to take leave, my petrol, my time,
blablalba...who pay me for this !! I AM THE VICTIM !!! I screw them.

Then go down to take the car picture. Then waiting for them to evaluate.
U know what. They said, they can pay only RM1100. What the fxxx. I
can't even buy the bumper. Again I screw them. I told them, how can u
repair the car with half the price. Using proton's bumber and try to fit

They expect me to paint the bumper with my blood. The inner bumper assy
is to be replaced with my bones !! I will use my 'brother' to adjust any
other thing. Use my 'balls' to hold the bumper.

He said, 'like that one lar, it is a cold market car'...what the fxxx,
that is not an excuse. I was xxxxing the whole kurnia for almost half a
day !! he said why not use our panel. What panel, they can't even know
how to spell / pronounce chevrolet. how the hell they can fix our car.
May not even know how to open the rear boot.

Kurnia Express...the express for blablalba... No toilet express... You
need to go down to the ground floor and go to the back of the
receptionist counter...the toilet is there... Fxxx....

Then after some monkeys running around. I ask them to call their panel,
check if they can get the parts... I told them Proservis is the parts
distributor... the price is the same. then, they call PJ volcar. And PJ
volcar exclude some labour charges jsut to get it thru with RM1900.

I called proservis too, some insurance they certified... like AIG,
AIA...blablabla... quick and easy.

I am going to change to others. No more Kurnia !! I don't want to go
thru hell again. I ask for help...they give me hell !!

You all judge yourself to stay or move on from Kurnia lar.


Posted 01 October 2004 - 07:36 AM


    Taxi Driver

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can't find the link, don't mind if you forward the link....


Posted 01 October 2004 - 07:52 AM


    Road Warrior

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It's http://groups.yahoo.com/group/my_chevy

Please register or login with your yahoo id.

Then in here, click on 'Photos' on your left, and look for "Aaron's..."



Posted 01 October 2004 - 08:22 AM


    Fast & Furious

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Orang kat AAM pun kata jgn ambil Kurnia. My brother's friend having prob
with Kurnia,until it become court case.Some workshop also dont recommend
Kurnia. For me ..AHA.Last time my x-wira kena hentam belakang,no need to
top-up anything.okaylah tu.....


Posted 01 October 2004 - 08:42 AM



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What's the defintion of "cold car market" ??? One year selling less than
5000 units or you ppl can't pronounce or spell "Chevrolet".

Which bloody clause in the agreement stated that a "Cold car market"
cannot be claimed 100% ??????

Aaron pls double check on the agreement and if you can't find sure clause
, pls go and sue them kow kow.....


Posted 01 October 2004 - 09:10 AM


    Road Warrior

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aaron - sorry to hear that dude.

did u see the Kurnia Express ad on the TV...looks so nice. just go there,
wait in the lobby and viola, the check will come out. I personally hate
to deal with insurance. Bila mahu beli, mulut manis betul. Bila claim,
muka masam macam hantu pontianak. all the fxxxing red-tape. usually i
will buy the insurance from my fren. at least anything happens, i can use
his help to claim. they as the insurance agent knows all the selok belok.


Posted 01 October 2004 - 09:55 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Sorry to hear that too, dude.

Just wonder, this insurance claim that u after. Was it yours or the guy
who bang u?

I don't think u need to come out a single sen when the fault is not yours.


Posted 01 October 2004 - 10:00 AM


    Fast & Furious

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Sorry to hear your predicament Aaron. Must have been painful to see your
Optra getting smashed up like that.
OK. will keep in mind not to go for Kurnia. Lucky not using that now.