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Major/ Minor problem with 206

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Posted 26 July 2006 - 11:38 PM



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hello guys...

just got my car on monday...definitely a different feel against my
previous ride..got some few problems though that would like to share...

1) front lhs suspension got knocking sound when going over bumps..
2) when accelerating and decelerating btw 50 - 70 km/h, got some humming
noise ( woo..woo..woo..)
3) rear fog lamp got some water condensation...
4) car when in 'D' mode needs abt 3300 rpm before shifting to 4th gear

other than these, quite happy with the car ( been toying with the
shiftronic today and loves it....)

hope to own and enjoy this car for a long time and to get to know all of
you guys....ciao


Posted 27 July 2006 - 07:41 AM


    Road Warrior

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Congrats on ur ride

1) yeah, sound comes from the bar link

2) sound is normal.. even I have that sound (peugeot 206), and other
drivers are experiencing that also

3) no idea, guess hv to apply sealant or claim warranty

4) let the car run in a little while more

hope to catch u during TT..


Posted 27 July 2006 - 09:31 AM


    Taxi Driver

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HI gara, welcome welcome..

i do have similar problems especially knocking sound from front suspension
when over humps.. and actually my car will hold to 2nd gear to abut 3300rpm
before shifting to 3 one.... can really can feel the car is dragging on 2nd
gear... this can be tuned right?

Also, feel the car is a bit jerky when down-shifting.. u guys feel that?


Posted 27 July 2006 - 10:44 AM


    Hot Rod

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Wow! Shud learn more from this thread Big Smile


Posted 27 July 2006 - 11:37 AM


    Road Warrior

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hmmm, funny thing is, i want my 2nd gear to drag more, only happens if i
keep my foot down, else it will change quite fast..

btw, talk bout being jerky, not sure if this is true or wut, eversince I
changed to Petronas, I felt my gear change is darn smooth, esp when over-
taking and engaging "S" mode.

it can be tuned, bring it to Bluebox and ask them to update ur ECU.. it
shud be free.. i hope..Big Smile


Posted 27 July 2006 - 11:47 AM


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Bluebox? where is it?
Seems like many ppl like to use petronas fuel now.. maybe i should try to
use too.


Posted 27 July 2006 - 05:29 PM


    Road Warrior

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hmmm on the way down to KL from SJ, before Jalan 222, there's a Peugeot
dealer on ur left hand side.

Blue in colour, shaped = square. Hence Bluebox

When u r driving, take notice on a huge ass advert of a Peugeot Logo on
the right hand side of the federal highway, moment u see that, look left
and that's where bluebox is.


Posted 28 July 2006 - 09:39 AM


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thanks Gilamon, been there but did not know its called bluebox... :)

so i think the barlink problem is common.. can be fixed easily?


Posted 28 July 2006 - 10:03 AM


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Guess just replacing it wud be fine. Claim warranty = )


Posted 30 July 2006 - 03:13 AM



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I bought the Bestari about 6 weeks back. I'm among the first 250
customers that got the first batch of the bestari (plate number WPC xxx).
The main advantages of the first batch is that it has minimal local
content. I've been told that 90-95% of it part are original 206 parts.
The subsequent batches will have around 40% local content.

But being first batch also has it own disadvantages .... i get to know
about it the hardway. Within 1 weeks, I already make a visit to Naza
Peugeot Specialist in Klang for warranty claim (and so far, I already
visited them twice). Apparently C&C no longer entertain Naza Bestari for
warranty claim ... you can go there but you hv to pay (not sure whether
this is still true).

Following were some of the problems that I can recall:
1) Air cond condensation on front windscreen
- According to them, this is normal but they can fix it provided that i
gave them permission to open the dashboard. I decided not to allow them
to do it as I scared it cause more harm than good, since now it is
perfect without any noise, I just dont want a new noise appear after they
open the dashboard.

2)The front sprinkler not functioning well
- Apparently the was problem with the tube, they replace with a new one.

3)The black 'bar' on the front bumper not properly fitted.
- They reinstall it and it is well fitted now.

4)On 'D' drive, the gear change at high rpm (around 3500 to 4000 rpm).
- They claimed this properly due to some 'joker' already wack the car,
when they sent the car to showroom. I noticed that when I got the car, it
already have 50km mileage. It seems like the 206 remember the initial
driving style of the first few drivers. So they have to reset the systems
(ECU??) to normalise it. After that, things getting better now. But now
it doesnt make any diff as i no longer using the auto ... i always use
the tiptronic ... more fun to drive.

5) Annoying rattling sound coming from rear left.
- Initially they claimed it is due to the seat, so they fix the seat
properly. But i later on findout it is not the case. So i resend it for
the 2nd time. I even left the car for one day for them to test. They
finally findout there are loose screw at the undercarriage. They have it
tighthen and the noise are now gone for good (puhh, what a relieve)

6) The rear doors (left and right) lock sometimes doesnt work with
central locking. Sometimes it wont lock, and sometimes it can lock but
wont unlock. We endup have to manually lock and unlock it when this
happen. Very inconvenience.
- Not sure wrong with it, they fixed it twice (but only last for 1-2
days) and then it happen again. Very annoying, I plan to send the car
again for the 3rd time.

7) Finally, i also complain about the low FC. I been asked to let the
engine run for over 1000km, and then look again at the fuel consumption.
It is slightly better now. For total highway driving, I can get around
600km. But in housing area driving (especially in my areas where there
are thousands of bump ... well not thousands but at least 20-30 bumps),
then the mileage is very low ...can only manage to get around 350km
before the low fuel indicator lighted.

Question to 206 users ... any recommended fuel saver devices that i can
use? If such devices really exist ... i heard most of them are bogus
anyway. At least that what i read in some other thread. Anyway, what i
want to ask ... is it safe to use Magnetic fuel saver in the 206
(irregarless of whether it works or otherwise)... i'm just concern
whether it will effect any electronic devices of the car. Plus, will it
void your warranty??