Jaecoo J7 & J8 PHEV To Be Unveiled At 2024 Beijing International...

Jaecoo J7 & J8 PHEV To Be Unveiled At 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

The 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition will be starting in a couple of days’ time and Jaecoo has confirmed that it will debut the Jaecoo J7 PHEV and Jaecoo J8 PHEV. The unveiling of these new new energy models sync with Jaecoo’s theme – “New Energy, New Eco, New Era.”

Since its global launch last April, Jaecoo has navigated the evolving automotive landscape with care, focusing on innovation in personalised off-roading, guided by its “From Classic, Beyond Classic” philosophy. Its first models for the global market were the J7 premium SUV and the J8 luxury SUV, both with off-roading capabilities. In the past year, Jaecoo had successfully entered over a dozen countries and regions, including Eastern Europe, Mexico, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia.

Charging Port_Plug-in Hybrid_PHEVEmbracing the vision of “Born for New Energy,” Jaecoo continues to refine its category strategy and embrace innovation to expand its product offerings. At the upcoming Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, the J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV will showcase Jaecoo’s mastery in electric propulsion.

The Jaecoo J7 PHEV builds on the existing ARDIS (All Road Drive Intelligent System) to enhance the new energy driving experience with the 7 driving modes tailored for such scenarios as desert, mud, and snowfields. The J7 PHEV will focus on 6 dimensions i.e. power, energy efficiency and low carbon, safety, all-wheel off-roading, smart technology, and outdoor living.

Meanwhile, the Jaecoo J8 PHEV maintains its effortless off-roading ability with its vector all-wheel-drive system in a luxurious package. Supported by Jaecoo’s new 3rd-generation hybrid off-road platform, the J8 PHEV will set new standards in the off-road new energy segment, offering advancements in driving control, power level, and off-road performance. Jaecoo J8_Side

The debut of the J7 PHEV and J8 PHEV hybrid models signifies Jaecoo’s redefinition of product value in the off-road new energy market. These models promise a more intelligent, efficient, and safer off-roading experience made for the global market.

As Jaecoo steadily advances its globalisation process, the company is aggregating global resources and tailoring operations in each market, forming a dedicated, independent sales and service network system. At the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Jaecoo will also unveil its global strategy, aiming to offer a full range of value products, technology and services to its global customers.

This follows last October’s international user ecology conference which was attended by thousands of users from around the world, where it broke boundaries by fully integrating the brand’s ecological layout to provide customers with deeper engagement and experiences. With the aim to firmly establish itself as a formidable brand in the world stage, Jaecoo has committed to developing exceptional travel products and services, and also crafting personalised life experiences beyond cars. At the upcoming Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Jaecoo will once again collaborate with global off-road enthusiasts and leverage the latest AI technology to create a new, personalised future tech ecology to unlock innovative “car + life” experiences for every user.


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