Shell Malaysia Dishes Out New Shell Cafe Concept

Shell Malaysia Dishes Out New Shell Cafe Concept

Shell Malaysia has unveiled its Shell Cafe concept as an upgrade to its stations to cater to customer demands for a more immersive and pleasant experience in its Shell Select stores at the retail stations. At the moment, about 80 Shell retail stations have been upgraded to include the new Shell Cafe. This will increase to 150 stations in the coming year. Shell has an extensive network of over 800 Shell Select stores nationwide though not all will feature the Shell Cafe experience as it will depend on space availability as well as customer needs.

Shell Cafe aims to become a preferred destination for road users by promising an integrated and customer-centric experience, offering a welcoming space for patrons as well as fresh and appealing food and beverages. Shell Cafe_Shell Select_Malaysia

One of its key selling points is the cafe’s menu of signature coffees based on Malaysians’ preference for this other black gold. Shell Cafe’s coffee blend is a unique combination of Arabica and Liberica beans sourced and crafted in Malaysia. Liberica beans are rarer, making up only 2% of global coffee production, and has a distinctive flavour.

Besides the classics like Americano, Latte and Cappucino, Shell Cafe also has special coffee offerings like Dirty Latte and Cokespresso, as well as a range of ice-blended frappes. Its coffees will be brewed by trained baristas who are a part of Shell’s upskilling initiative.

Shell Cafe_Malaysia
L-R: Seow Lee Ming, General Manager, Shell Mobility Malaysia and Lucy Loo, Head of Convenience Retailing, Shell Mobility Malaysia.

Besides this, it also serves a wider variety of food compared to its Deli2Go menu, including salted egg pasta, gourmet sausages and wraps, including vegetarian-friendly options. Regular crowd favourites such as the firecracker sausage roll and chocolate roll will also be offered in Shell Cafe alongside new offerings like curry puff, almond croissant, scone, and a variety of cakes.

Costa Coffee vending machines as well as its food & beverage partners will continue to exist alongside the Shell Cafe to give customers more choices.

According to Shell Mobility Malaysia’s General Manager, Seow Lee Ming, Shell is constantly adapting to consumer preferences and is committed to ensuring that its retail stations become the ultimate one-stop centre for all customer needs. “As our convenience retail experience evolves, we’re excited to announce the opening of 80 Shell Cafe sites by year-end. Looking ahead to 2024, we aim to expand even further,” she added. Shell Cafe_Menu


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