Mercedes-Benz Apprenticeship Programme Adds More Talent To Its Dealer Network

Mercedes-Benz Apprenticeship Programme Adds More Talent To Its Dealer Network

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has added more talent to its dealer network through its Advanced Modern Apprenticeship programme (AMA). Mercedes-Benz recently celebrated the graduation of 38 apprentices who will go on to start their career in various Mercedes-Benz dealerships nationwide. At the same time, the company also welcomed 42 new apprentices for the year 2023.

These milestones  underscore the company’s dedication to empowering and nurturing the next generation of automotive professionals. Over the past 3 years, the graduating batch of 38 apprentices went through stringent training to be certified as globally-recognised Mercedes-Benz technicians. These new professionals are set to join the Mercedes-Benz Malaysia retail network which boasts of over 1,000 service personnel. Further, they will be offered job opportunities within the company’s service network for the subsequent 4 years. The investment per student over the 3-year program is RM100,000.

“At Mercedes-Benz, we believe in the continuous development of an individual, training them to be self-reliant and driven for perfection. Our goal is to nurture young Malaysians, equipping them with the skills they need to excel in the automotive industry while ensuring their careers remain future-proof. Through this programme, we build a skilled workforce dedicated to delivering the best customer experience and vehicle quality. Education is central to our commitment to excellence,” said Amanda Zhang, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Cars Malaysia & Head of Region, Mercedes-Benz Cars SEA II. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Training Academy_Trainee

Edmin Naidoo, Vice President of Customer Services, Mercedes-Benz Cars Malaysia & SEA II, shared his excitement, “Since 1984, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s Modern Apprenticeship Program has produced over 900 apprentices who now serve in various positions across different specialisations within the brand’s authorised dealer network. It makes us proud that today’s graduation of 38 apprentices underlines our contribution to the nation’s demand for highly-skilled talents in the automotive industry. This achievement is pivotal as we continue to solidify our network and ensure unparalleled customer experience across all Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Malaysia.”

The recipient of the Best Student Award from the graduating class of 2023, Fakharuddin bin Abu Hanipah, said, “I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Mercedes-Benz Malaysia for the incredible opportunity I have had over the past 3 years. This program has provided me with the skills and knowledge essential for navigating the dynamic automotive industry. I am appreciative of the guidance offered by our knowledgeable trainers and excited for the next phase of my journey.” Mercedes-Benz Malaysia_Advanced Modern Apprenticeship_2023_Best Student Award

Fakharuddin was voted the best student by all the vocational trainers as he excelled in every aspect over the 3-year course, which includes Punctuality, Work Efficiency, Proper use of Tools, Knowledge, Safety Consciousness, Behaviour, Interpersonal Skills, Work Attitude and Responsibility.

The Advanced Modern Apprenticeship provides the best-in-class training module in developing the best automotive talents, unlike any other similar programmes in the country. This 3-year training programme offers full scholarship under the National Dual Training System (NDTS) in collaboration with the Department of Skills Development (JPK), Ministry of Human Resources.

Beneficiaries of this full scholarship receive a monthly allowance of RM800 for the duration of the 3-year programme as well as a RM500 yearly allowance for uniforms and safety shoes. During the course, students go through the latest technical knowledge and diagnostic skills in line with the advanced technology of Mercedes-Benz products. Upon completion, students will receive 3 certifications i.e. Mercedes-Benz Automotive Mechatronic Training Certificate, Mercedes-Benz Qualified Maintenance Technician Certificate, and National Dual Training System Certificate, equivalent to the Malaysian Skills Certificate Level 3 (SKM 3), guaranteed with a 4-year employment.

In September 2023, 42 new apprentices were selected to join the Advanced Modern Apprenticeship Program me, after a vigorous evaluation process. In this new batch of 42 apprentices, 5 are from Montfort Boys Town, a result of the successful Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia last year.

The 2-year MoU includes a “Train the Trainer Collaboration” in which Mercedes-Benz Malaysia imparts technical skills and expertise training on Mercedes-Benz vehicles to Montfort’s trainers. In turn, Montfort transfers this valuable knowledge and skills to its students. This collaboration also strives to develop and enhance the training curriculum, fostering an interest among Montfort students in Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s apprenticeship programme.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and Montfort Boys Town will further strengthen their partnership with forthcoming initiatives such as a Trainer Exchange Programme in October 2023 and a Train the Trainer programme scheduled for December 2023, with the aim of promoting knowledge sharing and skills development.


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