Special Gifts For First 300 Who Book Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo...

Special Gifts For First 300 Who Book Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel

After the launch of the petrol version, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC) will be making the diesel version of the Ford Ranger Raptor available starting 8 June 2023. The Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel official launch event for the public will be held from 9 to 11 June 2023 at MRANTI Open Space, West Entrance (formerly known as Technology Park Malaysia), opposite Pavilion Bukit Jalil. There will also be early bird specials offered in conjunction with the launch.

The first 300 customers who make a booking for the Ford Ranger Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel nationwide will receive:

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) fitted into their Next-Gen Ranger Raptor 2.0L
  • Special discount of RM500 on 1 Ford Ranger Getaways via a promo code (redeemable upon vehicle delivery)

Meanwhile, those who book at the official launch event in MRANTI Open Space between 9 and 11 June will also receive:

  • Exclusive Raptor Winter Vest upon vehicle delivery

Building on the success of the preceding generation Ranger Raptor 2.0L with output of 210 PS and 500 Nm of torque from 1,750 rpm, the Next-Generation Ranger Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel offers an additional engine of choice for fans of the Raptor.

Like its 3.0L twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 counterpart, the Ranger Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel comes with the same bold and rugged exterior and interior styling, integrated technologies, and advanced safety features, in addition to the enhanced capabilities and upgraded components of Ford’s next-level innovation.2022 Ford Ranger Raptor_Dashboard_Steering_Infotainment

Designed and engineered as the ultimate Ranger model with Ford’s Performance DNA at its core, the Ranger Raptor has exceeded expectations, setting new benchmarks as the only factory-built performance truck for high-speed off-roading.

The latest milestone is the Ranger Raptor’s successful completion of last year’s gruelling SCORE International Baja 1000 in Mexico, one of the toughest off-road endurance races in the world. The Raptor used in the race was from the production line of the same factory in Thailand that builds all the Ford Rangers and Raptors seen on the road.

Completing the course in 26 hours and 21 minutes, the Baja-race-prepared Next-Gen Ranger Raptor was the only entrant in the stock mid-class category which is designed to showcase the capability of stock road-legal trucks. This means the only modifications made were to meet race safety regulations. All other engineering and design aspects are the same as every Raptor coming straight off the production floor, including the engine, transmission, suspension and driveline. You can check out the Raptor in Baja race action in this short video clip.

You can also head over to MRANTI Open Space (9 – 11 June) to check out the Ranger Raptor for yourself. The location was selected to provide a test-drive experience covering different terrain i.e. tarmac, dirt, and rocky surfaces.Ford Ranger Raptor_Blue Lightning

For the first 300 bookings of the Ranger Raptor Bi-Turbo 2.0L Diesel made during the launch event, the pickup will come specially fitted with the Kenwood DRV-A700W dashcam system. This sytem features a Wide-Quad HD (WQHD, 3.7MP) front camera and Full HD (FHD, 1080p) rear camera for dual-channel recording. The system also comes with a built-in wireless smartphone link for easy management of recorded videos and dashcam settings. The built-in GPS receiver automatically records driving information and location tracking, while the polarised filter allows for more vivid and clearer images.

The diesel-powered Ranger Raptor will also be going on tour with the Ford Experience Hub to the northern and southern regions of Peninsular Malaysia, as well as to Sabah and Sarawak. At the Ford Experience Hub, you can experience a richer engagement with the Ranger Raptor and other Next-Gen Ford vehicles, in addition to learning more about various Ford customer initiatives.

“Since we launched with the V6 engine last year, the Next-Generation Ranger Raptor has been much sought after. Many Malaysians have been asking for different drive trains. We are responding by adding the formidable, tried and tested 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel engine variant to offer another ownership option for Raptor lovers and other high-speed off-roading enthusiasts,” said Turse Zuhair, Managing Director of Sime Darby Auto ConneXion-Ford.

For more information about the Next-Generation Ranger Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel, you can chat via WhatsApp with the Ford Digital Salesperson who will connect you to your preferred dealership.


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