FLUX Expands Subscription Portfolio To Include Motorcycles And Johor

FLUX Expands Subscription Portfolio To Include Motorcycles And Johor

Malaysia’s premier car subscription service, FLUX, has extended its portfolio to include motorcycles to add flexibility as well as choice. With this latest offering, FLUX is the first company in Malaysia to provide a one-stop-shop for consumers looking to subscribe to cars and/or motorcycles.

You can subscribe to any of the petrol or electric motorcycles for as short a time as 24 months or as long as 60 months. FLUX also offers an All-In-One service where it not only provides you a motorcycle but it will also cover the insurance, road tax, maintenance and selective wear & tear. With this, FLUX subscribers will only need to pay for brake pad / disc and tyre replacement while FLUX covers other consumable parts.

Furthermore, FLUX is the only subscription service which will allow you to swap between cars and motorcycles, depending on your need or preference. Nonetheless, should your goal be outright ownership, FLUX also offers ‘Subscribe to Own’ for all its motorcycles where you can initially subscribe to a motorcycle with the option to purchase it at the end of your subscription period for a low price. Flux_Subscription vs Purchase-Loan

At this moment, FLUX has a variety of new and used motorcycle models from Yamaha, Honda, Vespa as well as Blueshark, the latest electric motorcycle brand in Malaysia. Models range from the economical and practical Honda Wave 125i to the Yamaha “Y-Suku” Y15ZR, to the Blueshark R1 electric scooter. Moreover, you can Subscribe to Own the Blueshark R1 or R1 Lite at a special launch price RM414 per month and RM358 per month respectively (limited stock availability at the special price).Flux_Motorcycles_SubscriptionAdditionally, the Blueshark R1 is available for a 1 week test-own subscription, exclusively on FLUX for those who want to explore EV ownership. The Blueshark R1 features a riding distance of up to 110 km from the dual Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery packs. These battery packs can either be charged at home (3.5 hours from 0% to full) or easily swapped at any Blueshark battery swap station. For a limited time only, the R1 scooter is available for ONE-TIME 1-week subscription at RM200 (does not include 6% sales tax).FLUX_Motorcycle_Subscription_Blueshark R1

Similar to its Car Subscription, FLUX Motorcycle Subscription users can choose their subscription plan (24, 36 or 60-months) and mileage package (2,000 km, 2,750 km or uncapped mileage per month). Based on the motorcycle and subscription plan selected, FLUX will set a unique Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) which you can purchase the motorcycle at, at the end of the subscription period (the longer the subscription, the lower the GFV).

Once you have decided on your selection of model and subscription period, you simply reserve it online and wait for FLUX to deliver it to your doorstep within 7 days. Throughout your subscription you can swap to another motorcycle or car*. At the end of the subscription you can either purchase the motorcycle based upon the GFV or return it.

Flux_Subscription_MotorcycleThe FLUX All-In-One Motorcycle Subscription offers a transparent and accessible means to ride a motorbike. Its advantages include:

  • Hassle-Free Riding
    • You never need to worry about paying for road tax, insurance or scheduling your maintenance appointments. FLUX’s Concierge Service will do that for you.
  • No Loans To Deal With
    • A FLUX subscription means you don’t need to deal with bank loans or unregulated ‘loan kedai’ contracts. Subscribing to FLUX means everything is online and transparent with no lock-in. Should you not want the bike, just cancel the subscription, return the bike and forgo your deposit. With a loan, you are tied to a commitment which you cannot cancel.
  • Lower Monthly Commitment
    • ‘loan kedai’ which most Malaysian riders tend to opt-for usually charge a significant upfront downpayment along with the monthly instalments. But the other costs are paid on an ad hoc basis. With a FLUX subscription, not only is the upfront deposit more accessible, the lower monthly payments cover insurance, road tax and maintenance.
    • FLUX offers flexibility in financing your motorcycle with convenience. One subscription offers access to all of its motorcycles, without long-term commitment or financial rigidity. A service like FLUX is suitable for buyers looking to maximise their credit or individuals who find it difficult to get conventional financing.
      Loan estimates sourced from Mudah
      Loan estimates sourced from Mudah

Aside from introducing the Motorcycle Subscription service, FLUX also announced that it has expanded its all-inclusive car subscription service to Johor in response to the growing demand for flexible and affordable mobility options in the region.

“FLUX is committed to providing inclusive and affordable transportation solutions to all Malaysians, and we’re excited to extend our car subscription services to Johor,” said Aziz Ayman, Founder & CEO of FLUX. “In the past year, more and more Johoreans kept subscribing to our service. They would pick up their FLUX car in KL and use it in Johor without the benefits of our concierge service. I am glad we can now offer the full FLUX experience in Johor. More states to come soon.”

Johoreans will now have full access to FLUX’s entire selection of new and pre-owned cars (petrol and EV), hence you can subscribe to anything from a Tesla Model Y to a Perodua Axia. It only takes 5 clicks.

To celebrate this expansion and Hari Raya, FLUX is offering 50% off on the first month on your subscription for all cars. Johoreans will also enjoy free RM300 petrol voucher to help them balik kampung.

For more information on FLUX and the cars and motorcycles available for subscription, visit www.driveflux.com.

* For new motorcycles subscribers will need to fulfil at least 12 months of the subscription. At launch, swapping is not enabled for Blueshark motorcycles.


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