Mun Loon Paper Converting Is ‘A Good Company’ With Scania Ecolution Agreement

Mun Loon Paper Converting Is ‘A Good Company’ With Scania Ecolution Agreement

With the signing of the Ecolution Agreement with Scania, Mun Loon Paper Converting Sdn Bhd joins the ranks of other Scania customers labeled ‘A Good Company’ for taking initiative to reducing their carbon footprint.

Mun Loon had signed the Ecolution Agreement for 3 Scania G360 A4x2NA prime movers inclusive of 7-year Repair & Maintenance and Hire Purchase contracts. The agreement for a greener future was signed at Mun Loon’s printing facility by Thor Brenden, Solution Services Director, Scania Southeast Asia, and Loh Ka Hoong, Executive Director of Mun Loon.Scania Southeast Asia_Thor Brenden_Mun Loon Paper Converting_JIT Express_Loh Ka Hoong_Ecolution

The R&M contract will provide Mun Loon with worry-free operation due to the predictable costs over 7 years. This will enable Mun Loon to focus on its core business by fully utilising the Scania G360. It will be able to plan the trucks’ downtime to give maximum uptime thanks to precise scheduling for repairs and maintenance. Scania also assures that the necessary parts will be readily available thus eliminating disruptions to Mun Loon’s daily operations.

Furthermore, the Fleet Management System Control 10 which comes with the Scania Ecolution partnership gives Mun Loon a lot more information and insights. From core necessities like real time positioning of the Scania G360 to vehicle performance, environmental reports, service planning and defect reporting, to driver evaluation, Mun Loon will be able to quickly identify potential improvements to reduce premature wear and tear, idling time, speeding, fuel consumption and CO2.

Scania_G360_Mun Loon Paper Converting Sdn Bhd_JIT Express_Directors“Jobs are on the increase since I got the Scania G360s and the increased frequency in payload makes my cargo deliveries quicker and prompt, hence returning my investment quicker than my expectations. The fit-for-purpose solution of these Scania trucks help me find the perfect balance of uptime, payload and fuel efficiency for my long-haul cargo deliveries all along the route from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Johor Bahru. Moving forward, I am glad that we also signed the Scania Ecolution agreement and take responsibility in doing whatever we can as transport operators to reduce our carbon footprint and save our environment,” said Loh.

Established in 2000, Mun Loon started with the printing of paper cups, plates, prayer materials and expanded into printing of a whole range of exercise books for the educational fraternity. It started JIT Express in 2020, a subsidiary offering transportation of various type of cargo covering destinations along the Bukit Kayu Hitam – Johor Bahru route. Plans are underway to open a Port Klang branch to expand transportation operations and extend deliveries to destinations all along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

An order of 2 more Scania G360 trucks has been made. These will be delivered in the 4th quarter to cater for the expansion.

“With the sealing of the Scania Ecolution Agreement, Mun Loon will escalate its sustainability practices which will increase its profit-taking figures even more. Hence, the plan to set up a support facility in Port Klang backed by more Scania trucks is a viable one, especially with full support from Scania’s aftersales services. We look forward to a strong sustainable partnership with Mun Loon now and into the future,” said Thor.Scania G360_Mun Loon Paper Converting Sdn Bhd

The Scania G360s purchased by Mun Loon are backed by Scania Credit’s Hire Purchase which gives Mun Loon a comprehensive solution for a total peace-of-mind. Thus, Mun Loon will also realise profitability immediately with fixed and predictable monthly cost from the Scania Instalment Plan.

Moreover, the G360 comes standard with safety features such as the advanced Electronic Braking System (EBS) and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) as well as Daytime Running Light (DRL) for better visibility to other vehicles on the road. Further, the adjustable seat in the cab is positioned closer to the door, and is complemented by an ergonomic dashboard and large windscreen which provides an extended view to the driver.

For further details on all the Total Solution packages and how they will lead to sustainability and increased profitability for your business, please contact 03-7845 1000, email at, visit or the nearest Scania Malaysia Sales and Services Centre and talk to a Total Solutions Executive.


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