Hot Rocket Racing Club Ended 2022 With Podium In 6-Hour Endurance Race

Hot Rocket Racing Club Ended 2022 With Podium In 6-Hour Endurance Race

Go-kart team, Hot Rocket Racing Club, ended 2022 with a podium finish in the ‘Pinnacle Kart 6-hour Endurance Race’. This means the club had gained podiums in 100% of all go-kart endurance races it participated in throughout 2022.

Hot Rocket’s elite team – ‘Rocket Nation’, finished 3rd in the ‘Pinnacle Kart 6-hour Endurance Race’ organised by Kelab Karting Selangor (KKS). Hot Rocket Team A, which is Hot Rocket’s 2nd team, qualified in 12th position due to technical difficulties but climbed up and ultimately finished in 4th. Meanwhile, Hot Rocket Team B which consists of academy drivers, finished in 11th overall.

The karting club officially started in March 2022 and took the go-kart community by storm with their coaching, race events and online presence. With over 500 registered members, the racing community aims to double their member count and start participating in international go-kart endurance races.Hot Rocket Racing Club_Members_Karting

The club attributes its success to its driver development programme. The programme selects drivers with exceptional skill from within its community and develops them into race-winning drivers. ‘Rocket Nation’ is Hot Rocket’s elite team which is made up of the community’s top drivers, while Hot Rocket Team A is the 2nd team consisting of substitute drivers for the elite team. Hot Rocket Team B is the club’s training ground for both up-and-coming drivers and race team managers in-training. After every race, the seats for each team are refreshed and open to the rest of the community to ensure each driver retains their competitive edge.

Hot Rocket’s achievements in 2022 include:

  • Traxion Supercar Owner Go Kart Championship R1 : 1st position
  • Traxion Supercar Owner Go Kart Championship R2 : 3rd position
  • Traxion Supercar Owner Go Kart Championship R3 : 2nd position
  • Kart Hauz 4-hour Endurance Race : 1st position
  • Pinnacle Kart 6-hour Endurance Race : 3rd position

Hot Rocket Racing Team_Go Kart“It was really interesting. It was a tough race for all of us. We were quite concerned about tyre wear and Team A had a bit of technical difficulties with the kart but managed to take home 4th position after qualifying last due to the bad kart. My team (Team B) finished 11th position and it was a tough fight. Rocket Nation performed very well and did the correct tactics, they had good and experienced drivers and they fought their best during the race and overall, a very synchronized team. In the end, we shook hands with the competing teams and managed to finish the race till the end”, commented Kyshen Braydon Nair, Hot Rocket Team B’s youngest driver.

“When I joined Hot Rocket, I learned a lot of new things from motorsports in general. I learned about the ethics of motorsports, and how to play it out properly. I’ve learned many ways to drive, especially different racing lines when it’s raining. There are always people at Hot Rocket to guide you and help you get better at driving”, he added.

Hot Rocket aims to make an impact and inspire a new generation of drivers to further its motorsport ambitions. For more information, visit


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