Police Commends 28 Petron Malaysia Dealers For Commitment To GTSP Programme

Police Commends 28 Petron Malaysia Dealers For Commitment To GTSP Programme

Polis DiRaja Malaysia / Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM / RMP) gave recognition to 28 Petron Malaysia dealers for their contributions to the Go-To Safety Point (GTSP) programme. As a sign of appreciation for their effort, these dealers received commendation letters for providing early assistance to individuals who were able to  seek help from Petron service stations. In 2020 and 2021, most of the GTSP incidents recorded were related to medical and safety emergencies.

Petron_Service Station_Fuel_NightThe GTSP Programme is an initiative led by PDRM under the government’s “United Against Crime” national programme to ensure the safety and security of local communities. The programme assures increased police presence at Petron service stations, and enables faster reaction times in emergency situations. Because of this initiative by the police and the dealers, many members of the public regard Petron stations as safe havens.

Petron Malaysia remains committed to the GTSP initiative as part of its corporate social responsibility. This collaboration with PDRM is also for the company to show that safety and security is everyone’s responsibility. This effort is aligned with Petron’s social sustainability initiatives on community engagement in partnership with PDRM consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) 17.

Petron Service Station_MalaysiaAll Petron service stations have GTSP window decals to make them easily identifiable. Furthermore, Petron service station staff undergo regular training conducted by PDRM to ensure they remain ready for emergency situations.

“When the public needs immediate assistance, Petron service stations automatically become the first contact point for them to get help. Our staff are ready to handle emergency situations and provide early assistance. It is fulfilling to be able to play a part in the community’s safety” said the dealer of Petron Pasir Gudang West 1, Datuk Haji Bunawan.

In the past 2 years, during the pandemic period, about 30 incidents were recorded. Several medical incidents had the assistance of Petron service station staff, including a customer who was found unconscious in the toilet, another customer who collapsed in Petron’s Treats store, and a customer who fractured a bone while alighting from a bus outside a Petron service station.

In these cases, the company’s well-trained staff were able to render assistance while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

In addition, Petron and Art Battalion also unveiled a Malay proverb-themed mural during the Petron-GTSP event held at Petron Nilai Impian last week. The mural will serve as a safety reminder to the public as well as to highlight the collaboration between Petron and the government. This mural project also gave local artists an opportunity to showcase their talent.Petron Nilai Impian_Mural_CSR

The mural at the Petron Nilai Impian station depicts an abstract image of ‘Bagai Aur dengan Tebing’, a classic Malay proverb which was chosen as it highlights the act of helping one another in times of need. Petron is planning to unveil more murals before 2022 ends, at selected Petron stations.

It will also display safety posters with selected mural images to ensure consistency in relaying safety themed messages.

“These murals convey a message of safety and provide awareness to the community on the GTSP programme apart from reminding them to take precautionary actions. Besides, murals appeal to all generations including the young through their Instagrammable design” said Puan Sukinah, dealer for Petron Nilai Impian.

Petron_Shaliza_Head Of Retail Business_Police_CSRPetron Head of Retail Business, Ms. Shaliza Mohd Sidek added, “Petron GTSP initiatives are one of the many ways we contribute to the safety, security and well-being of the community through our service stations. With these artistic murals, we aim to increase awareness on GTSP and depict safety related themes in a unique way to help the younger generation appreciate old Malay proverbs.”

Petron Malaysia has been a partner of PDRM since 2013. It is also the first oil company to implement GTSP at a service station. To-date, all 740 Petron Service Stations nationwide are GTSP-ready. So keep in mind that should you have an emergency, you can seek assistance at the nearest Petron station.Petron Malaysia_Service Station_CSR_Police_Go-To Safety Point


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