This Duromac UD Quester With DISAB Centurion Sucks And Blows

This Duromac UD Quester With DISAB Centurion Sucks And Blows

Duromac (M) Sdn Bhd, a cleaning specialist, has in its fleet of heavy duty cleaning equipment the DISAB Centurion LN20 which sucks and blows, literally. Mounted to a UD Quester truck, the DISAB Centurion is a vacuum loader designed for industrial applications. 

Attached to the Quester CGE84R11MS prime mover, it can handle tough industrial environments where you need to use suction and blowing for dry or wet material. The vacuum unit is powerful enough to suit industries such as cement, steel, foundry, shipyards, contracting, power and heating plants. Durovac_DISAB Centurion LN20_Duromac_UD Quester

The Quester fitted with the DISAB Centurion vacuum loader, worth RM2.4 million, was delivered by Tan Chong Industrial Equipment Sdn Bhd (TCIE), the sole distributor of UD Trucks, to Duromac. The UD Quester is a heavy-duty truck which combines great fuel efficiency with proven durability, and the ability to fit the needs and expectations of various customers. The combination of globally shared technology and Japanese craftsmanship gives Quester the flexibility to suit a variety of applications, making it easy for superstructure installation.

UD Trucks_Duromac_Vacuum Loader“We are honoured to be given this opportunity to work together with Duromac in introducing the first heavy duty Vacloader truck in South East Asia. Their trust in TCIE enable us to go the extra mile and embark on this challenging project since last year. We are truly thankful to Duromac for their confidence and support to TCIE for the past 26 years,” said Say Teck Ming, Executive Director of TCIE. TCIE and Duromac had worked closely on this project for almost a year, to construct the first DISAB heavy-duty vacuum loader truck in Southeast Asia.

The DISAB Centurion LN20 is equipped with a separate diesel engine which makes it possible for the vacloader to operate independently of the truck. Offering extremely good sucking and blowing, the round tank design makes it suitable for handling wet, dry, oils, stones, rocks and other materials. The LN20 also has the flexibility for different applications with multiple add-ons available. Different capacity tanks (10 m3 or 12 m3) are available, as is a robotic hose boom which extends up to 15 meters and can be operated via radio remote control.

“The vehicle is used to clean up spillages or empty tanks in a variety of industrial applications. It can suck up liquid, slurry or dry materials by vacuum at a pressure of 950 millibars and then blow them out again or empty contents by tipping,” said Premraj Das, Group Chief Operating Officer of Duromac.

The purchase of a UD truck is supported by the UD Extra Mile Support services which include UD Genuine Service and Parts, UD Driver Training, UD Telematics and UD Trust Service Agreements for customers. Furthermore, TCIE has an extensive network of service centres nationwide to support Duromac and other customers.

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