Fresh Bermaz Apprenticeship Program Graduates Assigned To Three Automotive Brands

Fresh Bermaz Apprenticeship Program Graduates Assigned To Three Automotive Brands

A total of 185 graduates of the Bermaz Apprenticeship Program recently celebrated their graduation on 20 April 2022. Upon graduation, all of them are currently employed under Bermaz Auto Berhad and will be assigned to service centres for the 3 automotive brands of the Bermaz Auto group i.e. Mazda, Peugeot and Kia.

The 185 graduates are from 3 different technical training programs: 68 from the Mazda Apprenticeship Program (MAP), 60 from the Mazda Mechanic Program (MPP) and 57 from the Body & Paint Program (BPP).

Bermaz Auto Berhad has also increased and upgraded the technical equipment as well as the facilities in the BAuto Training School to meet the needs of aftersales for new-generation vehicles. The aim is to equip the workforce with the know-how to handle Next-Generation vehicles such as Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) & Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs).

The new BAuto Training School will provide Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs to fit the requirements of all the 3 vehicle brands operated under BAuto (Mazda, Peugeot & Kia). The vocational programs include BAuto Body & Paint (BABP) and BAuto Mechanics’ Program (BAMP). These vocational programs are certified by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) and Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) UK, one of the Accreditation Centre on Motor Vehicle Mechanic Training providers. Bermaz Automotive_Training School

Additionally, BAuto has introduced the BAuto Mechatronics Program (BMP) which is a new program that focuses on educating the students in electronic and electric vehicle (EV) technologies.

BAuto Training School_EV_ChargerThe state-of-the-art training school includes a wide range of facilities such as the new E-learning & Computer Lab, Advanced E-lab, EV Learning Centre, Learning Management System (LMS), and 22 kW AC chargers for electric vehicle training purposes. Its comprehensive facilities are designed to nurture the next generation of local talent while ensuring that the local workforce can support and meet the service quality requirements at all the service centres operated by the group. Furthermore, students who graduate from the BAuto Training School are guaranteed with an opportunity to be employed as professional technicians in Bermaz’s aftersales network.

Bermaz Auto_Dato Sri Ben Yeoh_Chairman“The objective of the Bermaz Automotive technical and vocational academy is to give our young school graduates the opportunity to embark on a career in the automotive industry. This academy is also a platform for continuous training and development of our skilled human resource. To upskill them to meet the demands of the next generation vehicles which focuses on green and clean technology, autonomous safety features and better connectivity. Our programs will be structured to encourage continuous learning,” said the Executive Chairman of Bermaz Auto Berhad, Dato Sri Ben Yeoh.

Bermaz believes in creating a sustainable future for the youth by inspiring them to unlock their potential in the automotive industry and enhancing their lives with invaluable knowledge and practical skills. Individuals who possess the attractive combination of passion, ambition and drive to pursue a career in the after-sales sector can submit their resume to



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