Keep Your Car In Tip-Top Condition With GoCar Garage Raya Promotions In...

Keep Your Car In Tip-Top Condition With GoCar Garage Raya Promotions In Shopee

You can take advantage of the GoCar Garage Raya promotion in Shopee to keep your car in tip-top condition for balik kampung or cuti-cuti Malaysia, and enjoy savings. This promotion runs from 1 April to 5 May 2022, in conjunction with the upcoming Raya holidays.

GoCar Garage Shopee Raya CampaignThe GoCar Garage Shopee Raya promotion campaign applies to the pit-stop engine oil change. A range of promotional offers is available including limited-time 50% discounts and the chance to grab buy one, free one deals on selected packages. All promotional prices are inclusive of labour, oil filter, drain washer, and a free 36-point vehicle inspection.

You can choose from one of 3 engine oil packages available i.e. mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic. GoCar Garage only has 4L premium Elf branded oils available for this campaign. All offers come in the form of e-vouchers that can be purchased at the GoCar Garage store in Shopee for redemption through the GoCar App.

While your vehicle is in the workshop, you can also request for GoCar Garage technicians to conduct other maintenance work besides the basic service. GoCar Garage is a well-equipped service centre that offers a range of services with OEM-level excellence. Further, its technicians are trained to work on any passenger vehicle make and model.GoCar Garage_Workshop_Hoist_Service Bay

“This Raya, many people will certainly be planning for road trips, whether to balik kampung or for a short holiday. We hope that by making the GoCar Garage Raya campaign available on Shopee, more people will be able to enjoy more savings while keeping safe on the roads after getting their cars serviced with us,” said Wong Hoe Mun, CEO of GoCar Malaysia.

GoCar Garage_Shopee Raya Campaign_Retrieve CodeDuring the campaign period, you can enjoy a 15% price reduction across all engine oil packages. You will also receive a cash voucher worth RM38, redeemable on your next service. Additionally, if you spend RM100 or more on a single invoice, you will enjoy an additional RM10 rebate voucher. You can combine up to 2 purchases to make a total of RM100 and enjoy this rebate. For example, the fully synthetic package which costs RM198 on a normal day will have a promotional price of RM158.30 (with the RM10 instant rebate), in addition to the RM38 cash voucher.

On the other hand, the mineral oil package will have a discounted price of RM83.30 (normal price: RM98), with the RM38 cash voucher only (no RM10 rebate). However, if you purchase 1 mineral oil package together with any other package, you will be eligible for the RM10 instant rebate.

GoCar Garage Shopee Raya Campaign_Redeem CodeFurthermore, there are 2 more weekends in April to enjoy an additional 5% discount, on top of the promotional price i.e. 16 – 17 April, and 23 – 24 April. However, the RM10 instant rebate for minimum purchases worth RM100 will only apply after the 5% reduction is calculated on the promotional price.

For those who prefer to use semi-synthetic or fully-synthetic oils, look out for the chance to score 50% discount vouchers on 18 April, 25 April and 5 May 2022. Alternatively, you can purchase either package and enjoy the 2nd package with the same type of engine oil for free in addition to the RM10 instant rebate.

The table below summarises the various promotional offers for reference. Do note that the deals are available in limited numbers. Those interested are encouraged to secure their promotional offers as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.GoCar Garage_Raya_Shopee

*All prices listed are inclusive of SST, labour, oil filter, drain washer, a cash voucher worth RM38 and a free 36-point vehicle inspection

The GoCar Garage Shopee Raya Campaign is valid within Klang Valley only and vehicles will be serviced at the GoCar Garage Service Centre in Petaling Jaya.

GoCar Garage_Delivery ServiceFor added convenience, you can arrange for the GoCar Valet pick-up and drop-off service via the app so you don’t have to take time off work or leave your home. A minimal fee of up to RM20 applies, depending on the distance.

If you need a vehicle while your car is in service, you can also enjoy free usage of a GoCar for a maximum of 2 hours2.

To enjoy the promotional offers under the GoCar Garage Shopee Raya Campaign, visit the following links and follow the instructions there to retrieve and redeem the relevant vouchers:

To book a GoCar Garage service appointment, you will need to download the GoCar mobile app.

For more information about GoCar Garage and GoCar Malaysia, visit or follow the GoCar  Malaysia Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter channels.

1 Not applicable for RM10 rebate voucher
2 Free 2-hour usage is capped at RM20 (based on car sharing rates and models available) and one-time GoCar membership still applies.


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