Starrtrek Carriers Receives First Full Air Suspension Scania Truck In Malaysia

Starrtrek Carriers Receives First Full Air Suspension Scania Truck In Malaysia

Starrtrek Carriers Sdn Bhd took delivery of the Scania G360A4x2EB New Truck Generation (NTG) with full air suspension, the first in Malaysia. Starrtrek will be using this special NTG to transport special cargo i.e. luxury vehicles.

Datuk Kumar Prabakaran, Managing Director of Starrtrek, said the companyalso invested in 6 more G360A4x2NA trucks, and signed up for the Fleet Management System (FMS) Control 1, Maintenance Contract, and Scania Financial Services, including insurance.

Starrtrek Carriers_Auriga Deluxe_Enclosed CarrierThe unit of Scania G360A4x2EB and the 6 units of G360A4x2NA NTGs were the company’s first choice due to the fuel efficiency, increased payload, and improved productivity for long distance trips that they offer. The Scania prime movers are also fitted with FMS Control 1 which will enable Starrtrek to monitor the progress of its drivers and ensure that the agreed fuel efficiency targets are met. Along with this, Starrtrek also signed up for the Scania Ecolution partnership which gives the company a more structured approach to fuel savings that will also lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions. This is in line with Starrtrek’s intention to reduce the operation’s impact on the environment.

Scania_G360A 4x2_CarrierThe Scania NTGs ensure a cost-effective investment for owners, as they are designed and engineered to provide better fuel efficiency. Equipped with advanced powertrain and aerodynamic solutions, NTGs offer more than 3% improvement in fuel economy as standard. And when coupled with FMS Control 1, more fuel savings can be achieved. Furthermore, the Opticruise gearbox gives the Scania NTGs a pre-set default Economy mode for even more fuel savings. The Scania NTGs are also FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) prepared, meaning they’re ready for B100 (100%) biodiesel.

Additionally, the Scania Maintenance Contract gives predictable costs so that Starrtrek can focus its time and effort on its core logistics business without the uncertainty in this aspect of cost. By individually optimising the different modules in its service plan, Scania ensures that downtime is planned and only occurs when absolutely necessary. This allows Starrtrek to better plan its transportation schedule in advance.

For the drivers, these Scania NTGs also provide a very comfortable environment such as an adjustable and comfortable seat that is placed closer to the door, and an ergonomic dashboard featuring a 5″ touchscreen. Most importantly, the large windscreen gives an extended view and enhances driving visibility, making it easier and safer to operate. Other safety features include Electronic Braking System (EBS) for more responsive emergency braking.

The G360A4x2EB ordered by Starrtrek is engineered with versatility in mind and is able to safely transport its special cargo with maximum safety. The prime mover pulls an enclosed luxury carrier that maintains confidentiality of the luxury vehicles transported. The strength of the other 6 carriers lay in its high loading capacity of up to 10 vehicles, simplicity in use, and adaptation to extreme road and climate conditions. The lightweight character and strengthened chassis allows for a higher payload which increases productivity.

Scania_Starrtrek Carriers_Heba_Datuk Kumar“Starrtrek is built on a foundation of vast experiences and knowledge from years of service in the automotive logistics industry and is the first automotive logistics company to bring European-made carriers into Malaysia, giving Starrtrek the competitive edge to stay ahead. These carriers are game changers in Malaysia’s automotive logistics market,” said Datuk Kumar.

“We are very please that Starrtrek chose Scania prime movers to be part of its visionary move to be the premium transporter of cars and SUVs, especially supercars. The investment that Starrtrek has made to secure the technologically advanced NTGs will bring long term profitability to the company,” commented Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.


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