Volvo Trucks Malaysia Launches Volvo Connect Service

Volvo Trucks Malaysia Launches Volvo Connect Service

Volvo Trucks Malaysia has officially launched its Volvo Connect service, which is a consolidated digital portal to benefit truck owners and transporters in terms of productivity.

Volvo FH_Truck“Volvo Connect enables you to access all the important services and information in an intuitive customer-centric interface designed to run and develop your daily business, in one single place,” said Sabu Isaac Champannil, Vice President of Aftermarket, Volvo Trucks Malaysia. “We have designed the functionality to encompass not just fleet management and maintenance planning functionalities, but to fully expand and ensure full support for many more aspects of the operations. This extends to include assistance with administration functions and legal compliance,” he added.

The Volvo Connect interface also offers a marketplace to customers to subscribe to additional services. These additional services can be activated at the customers’ convenience. “Our customers can expect to be able to adapt and customise the interface so that the most essential and integral information and services to them are quickly and easily accessible,” explained Champannil.

Volvo Trucks_DynafleetVolvo Connect is a consolidated platform of digital services to help customers enhance business operations. As a start, Volvo Connect will include existing services such as Dynafleet, its updated fleet management system, as well as new additional services like Service Planning, Workshop History and Logbook. Further, the Dynafleet Safety Service is an application designed to help the customer monitor driving behaviour as well as indentify critical safety indicators such as seat belt use and harsh braking. This allows the fleet manager to make improvements and optimise fleet efficiency. Additionally, Vehicle Status helps track key components in the vehicle to identify and reduce risk of potential malfunctions. The system will alert the user to act on immediate repairs or trigger reminders for the next service.

With the rapid adoption of digitalised and connected services, Volvo Trucks will continue to expand the available content, including from external developers, over time in order to enhance the customer experience. The acceleration of adoption is the fuel that drives Volvo Trucks’ ambition to continue to spearhead innovation in the digital realm for future-proof designs, enhanced organically by internal and external resources.

Volvo FM_TrucksWith this in mind, Volvo Connect has been developed as a long-term solution with an eye to the future. As new functions and information become available, Volvo Connect will enable customers to access and use these services to benefit their business operations.

Volvo Connect will be offered at no extra cost for 12 months to customers who purchase new Volvo truck models. Existing customers can also subscribe to this service at low monthly fees.


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