PROTON R3 Introduces Official Range Of Lubricants And Merchandise

PROTON R3 Introduces Official Range Of Lubricants And Merchandise

The official motorsports division of PROTON, R3, has launched its own official range of lubricants and merchandise. The new products aim to revitalise the brand’s image and heritage as well as to reconnect with its fans and gain new ones.

Team Proton R3 Proton Iriz in the 2019 Malaysia Championship Series RaceThe range of R3 Premium Genuine Oils is developed together with Petronas and is available in fully-synthetic and semi-synthetic formulations. Both P1 and P2 genuine oils are formulated using Petronas’ latest Etro 6+ base oil and are designed to fight excessive heat to ensure better performance for the current generation of direct injection turbo charged engines. The lubricants have SP and SN Plus ratings, based on the certification standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Proton Global Services_Lee Yeet Chuan_CEO“The launch of our new R3 Premium Genuine Oil range and merchandise products is the first step in R3’s rebranding journey. They will be sold to the public via our Premium Merchandise Partners in 20 locations throughout Malaysia. There will be more product launches coming up in the future, including accessories for Proton car owners, which will help us build our connections with R3 fans,” said Lee Yeet Chuan, Chief Executive Officer, Proton Global Services. The R3 brand comes under Proton Global Services which is a fully owned subsidiary of Proton Edar.

The R3 Premium Genuine Oil is priced at RM208 for the P1 fully-synthetic formulation and RM158 for the P2 semi-synthetic product. But from now until 30 April 2022, they will be sold at the introductory price of RM178 and RM128 respectively.

Further, the new range of t-shirts and caps are priced between RM49 to RM60 and will also be available at all Premium Merchandise Partner locations.


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