Mansang Logistics Relies On Scania XT Truck To Safely Deliver COVID-19 Vaccines...

Mansang Logistics Relies On Scania XT Truck To Safely Deliver COVID-19 Vaccines All Over Sarawak

Mansang Logistics Sdn Bhd was tasked with the responsibility of transporting the COVID-19 vaccines to frontliners all over Sarawak. To ensure safe and successful delivery of the vaccine shipment, Mansang relies on the Scania NTG (New Truck Generation) XT rigid truck with refrigerated box.

Mansang Logistics_Alex Lai_Vaccine_Scania XTMansang is the first in Sarawak to receive a Scania New Truck Generation model, the first XT truck as well as first rigid type. It is also one of the very few companies that could handle this highly delicate transportation procedure, hence the recommendation to take up this duty for the Ministry of Health. It was in fact so important that Alex Lai, Managing Director of Mansang, took it upon himself to personally deliver the vaccines to the scheduled locations daily.

“Delivering the vaccines with the Scania NTG XT rigid gives me a sense of safety and comfort with the Electronic Braking System (EBS) and will give me the necessary uptime needed to do the job. The farthest that we have gone in a day was almost 1,000 kilometres and due to the fuel savings that the Scania NTG gives us, we are not worried about running out of fuel in between petrol stations,” said Alex.

The vaccines are collected daily from MOH and are delivered straight to their designated frontline locations i.e. hospitals and vaccination centres all over Sarawak. This is done by working closely with Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

Phang Yee Fong, Regional Manager for East Coast and East Malaysia (left) handing the key to Henry Tiong, Director of Mansang Logistics
Phang Yee Fong (left) handed the Scania XT to Henry Tiong, Director of Mansang Logistics, last year.

“We at Scania have and will continue to ensure uptime support to Mansang Logistic in carrying out this very critical assignment as a service to our nation. We are very proud to be part of this very important journey in Sarawak with Alex,” commented Phang Yee Fong, Regional Manager for East Coast & East Malaysia, Scania Southeast Asia.

The Scania New Truck Generation XT is built to withstand challenging environments thus enabling more uptime and increasing productivity. Its interior and exterior are built tough. On the outside, it features a steel bumper, protection shield, and towing device to handle all obstacles and challenges in order to maximise uptime.

Mansang Logistics_Scania New Truck Generation XT_Rigid Type_RefrigeratedIt is also designed and engineered with an advanced powertrain to give Scania truck owners better fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. Together with its aerodynamic solutions, this truck provides 3% improvement in fuel economy.

The cabin has also been optimised for safety and comfort. It has adjustable seating close to the door, an ergonomic dashboard, and a large windscreen to increase visibility for the driver.


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