Isuzu Malaysia Tops Local Truck And Light Duty Truck Sales

Isuzu Malaysia Tops Local Truck And Light Duty Truck Sales

Isuzu Malaysia is starting 2021 on a good note having topped sales in two categories in 2020. Based on the annual sales data released by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA), last year, Isuzu secured the No. 1 spot in the overall truck category and in the light duty truck category.

In 2020, Isuzu Malaysia sold a total of 4,747 trucks in various segments to end the year as the top-selling overall truck brand for the 7th consecutive year. A major contribution to its total sales is from the light duty truck segment where it sold 4,551 Isuzu ELF trucks, making it the category leader for the 11th consecutive year.

Isuzu ELF_Isuzu Safety Plus PlatformThe Isuzu ELF range was enhanced last year, helping it to stay as the most preferred light duty truck. The enhanced Isuzu ELF offers the Isuzu Safety Plus platform that features a combination of safety system upgrades, B20 biodiesel compatibility and greater warranty benefits. With 19 variants, the Isuzu ELF has the widest range available in the light duty truck market to help truck operators run the right truck for a safer, more productive and sustainable business.

“Isuzu Malaysia is extremely delighted to have wrapped up the year 2020 with great achievements and to welcome this new year with double celebrations after having secured the top position for both truck and light-duty truck brand categories once again,” commented Koji Nakamura, Chief Executive Officer of Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Isuzu Malaysia_Koji Nakamura_CEO“The total number of trucks we have sold last year is the highest market share that we have recorded since Isuzu Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established. Last year was also our company’s 40th year anniversary in Malaysia, so this success is definitely a notable milestone for us. It is also a reflection of our teams’ unrelenting commitment in making strong progress on our business execution. Our focus is to constantly strengthen the quality of our products and efficiency of our services to serve our customers better,” he said.

He added: “The pandemic situation in the past year had posed many extraordinary challenges for many people and companies across all industries. Despite the uphill market environment, I am pleased that we have managed to stay on course and effectively maximized our resources to help our customers move forward with their business operations.”

Isuzu 3S Dealer_GB Motors_Goh Brothers GroupNakamura also shared that Isuzu Malaysia will focus on strategic initiatives to sustain truck sales growth, enhance service quality and increase customer satisfaction despite the challenging market situation. This will include dealership network expansion, the introduction of new product innovation and ensuring the timely delivery of new trucks to customers.

“Isuzu Malaysia’s strategy has always been built around having satisfied and productive customers and I am glad that our achievements had demonstrated a well-performed year for us. I would also like to commend and thank all our employees and skilled dealership teams for always making extra efforts for our customers. Their dedication has contributed hugely to Isuzu Malaysia’s uninterrupted leading position,” he said.

“Looking ahead in this new year, I believe that Malaysia’s economy will slowly but steadily improve, and many industries will further recover too. Although Isuzu is now well-known for offering a wide range of trucks that have become the preferred choice for quality, durability and cost-efficiency, we will continue to remain focused on providing more excellence and value to all our customers. Importantly, Isuzu Malaysia’s aim this year is to continue rendering assistance in essential services, ensuring smooth delivery of products and making contribution for people’s daily life and business,” Nakamura concluded.

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