Proton Commerce Offers Attractive Rates For Graduates

Proton Commerce Offers Attractive Rates For Graduates

The Fresh Graduate campaign by Proton Commerce Sdn Bhd (PCSB) is currently offering graduates an opportunity to own their first car with attractive rates. PCSB is part of the PROTON Group and this campaign offers access to low Hire Purchase (HP) loan rates.

Proton Commerce_Fresh Graduate Campaign_2020The Fresh Graduate campaign requires only a letter of employment or one month’s salary slip for loan processing, making this an accessible option to fresh graduates who are just out to the job market. Starting at just 2.98%, the rate offered by PCSB is currently one of the lowest in the segment. The basic requirements for a customer include being a graduate (minimum qualification of diploma), aged between 18 – 30 years, and has a job with a minimum salary of RM1,500. This offer will run until 31 December 2020, coinciding with the sales tax holiday currently being enjoyed by all PROTON cars.

The campaign is designed to help with mobility for those entering the job market. A key deterrent for this segment of buyers has often been the ability to obtain a HP loan without having the proof of income for three months, which is a common requirement for most HP loans.

Proton Commerce_Mooi Fi Phang_Chief Executive Officer“In today’s connected economy, mobility is important for young adults just entering the workforce. It provides a sense of empowerment and autonomy to these graduates. We are confident that this package will assist fresh graduates to own a car, as monthly repayments start from as low as RM239 per month” said Mooi Fi Phang, Chief Executive Officer of PCSB.

According to Mooi, the HP industry is projected to surge in the near future, as a result of recent reduction in the Overnight Policy Rate as well as the exemption of sales tax for new passenger vehicles.

Thus, in addition to the Fresh Graduate campaign package, PCSB also announced that as of 7 July 2020, it has reduced the overall interest rates to as low as 2.22% based on customer credit rating and margin of finance. This brings some benefit to customers as the lower monthly repayment will enable them to use the savings on essentials.

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