PROTON To Fit 2020 X70 SUV With N95 Cabin Filter

PROTON To Fit 2020 X70 SUV With N95 Cabin Filter

PROTON will fit the 2020 Proton X70 SUV with N95 Cabin Filter as a new feature. The N95 filter is capable of sieving out 95% of particulates that are larger than 0.3┬Ám (microns). This cabin filter is also more efficient compared to the average filter as it can also remove 98% of PM2.5 dust particles. The ability to filter out these minute contaminants and pollutants aids respiratory health.

Proton X70_N95 Cabin FilterThe N95 Cabin Filter is a part of the SUV’s air-conditioning system. It can therefore function in both fresh and recirculation modes, as long as the blower fan speed is switched on.

Besides being effective in filtering smoke particulates, dust and bacteria, it can help to promote an allergy-free environment by reducing allergens, aphids, pollen etc. The N95 Cabin Filter offers a higher level of protection against airborne contaminants and is able to provide you and your passengers with cleaner air.

While it may help to filter out or reduce the volume of contaminants such as pollen, dust and pathogens in the cabin, it is still advisable to continue practicing the new hygiene protocol of frequently washing or sanitising.

PROTON Works With Vendors To Support COVID-19 Fight

Proton_Face Shield_Coronavirus_MalaysiaAs PROTON does its best for the safety of its customers, PROTON is also producing face shields at its headquarters in Shah Alam for medical frontliners as the company commits to help fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Malaysia.

PROTON has also received contributions from its vendor community who are eager to get involved. Pos Logistics Sdn Bhd, one of the biggest logistics service providers in Malaysia, has contributed over 2,000 large carton boxes that will be used to pack the face shields and make it easier to transport them.

Likewise, automotive component supplier, HICOM-Teck See Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn Bhd, is another vendor supporting this initiative. It contributed 1500 kg of polypropylene, one of the main components in a car bumper, to be used to produce the frame of the face shield.

The original design for the face shield was contributed by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM). The designers at PROTON Design then developed the frame based on feedback from end users (it also added the slogan “STAY STRONG! We will get through this!” as encouragement).

PROTON also saw 50 of its employees volunteer their services, work on an assembly line to measure and cut the various components required, and assemble the face shields. These volunteers are able to produce up to 3,000 units a day, and the company estimates it can produce 60,000 shields in 20 days.

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