Volvo Trucks Customer Care Centre And Volvo Action Service To Continue Service

Volvo Trucks Customer Care Centre And Volvo Action Service To Continue Service

Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd has issued a statement on the temporary halting of business operations, except for its Customer Care Centre and its Action Service. The message Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Malaysia is appended below:

Following the mandatory restricted movement announcement by the Prime Minister, YAB Tan Sri Muhiyiddin last night, all Volvo Trucks dealers in Malaysia will be temporarily closed from 18th to 31st March 2020. This is in line with the precaution measurements set by the Malaysian government to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus and safeguard the health of our communities.

Operations that will be temporarily stopped during this period or until further advice from government are:

  1. Trucks sales and new truck delivery
  2. Trucks maintenance and repair jobs
  3. Spare parts sales and delivery

However please note, Volvo Trucks’ Customer Care Centre and Volvo Action Service are still available in the event of any trucks breakdown. We will continue to attend to those truck breakdowns and will prioritize the trucks that falls under essential services category in line with government direction. During this period, the uptime promise clause under the Gold Service Agreement will not be applicable.

We deeply regret any inconvenience caused by the temporary closure of our dealership and sales activities. The health and safety of our customers and employees remain our top priority during this tough time. We appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you for your continued support as we come together to fight the spread of COVID-19.

We will monitor the situation closely and will advise you should there be any positive development from the authority to enable enhanced service levels.


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