Castrol POWER1 Motorcycle Engine Oil Now Available In Malaysia

Castrol POWER1 Motorcycle Engine Oil Now Available In Malaysia

The all-new Castrol POWER1 motorcycle engine oil is now available in Malaysia. Launched last month by Castrol Malaysia, Castrol POWER1 comes in four new variants, tailored to suit different requirements.

The four new variants are Castrol POWER1 Cruise 4T 15W-50 1L; Castrol POWER1 Racing 4T 10W-40 1L; and Castrol POWER1 Scooter 4-AT 5W-40 1L and 10W-40 1L. The new formulation boasts better performance that comes from improved technology and product specification upgrade. In addition to these four new oils, Castrol Malaysia also relaunched two existing variants with improved formulations i.e. the Castrol POWER1 4T 10W-40 1L and Castrol POWER1 Racing 4T 10W-50 1L.

The new Castrol POWER1 has Power Release Technology™ which optimises friction and provides faster, more superior acceleration. In a 5.2 km 3-stage acceleration test using a 101 kW 4-cycliner supersports engine, the new Castrol POWER1 10W-40 is 6.6 seconds quicker than a competitor’s 10W-40 and 2.8 seconds quicker than a previous formulation.

Meanwhile, the new Castrol POWER1 SCOOTER with Scootek Technology™ also boasts superior acceleration. Separately, the Castrol POWER1 CRUISE with Power Sustain Technology™ manages heat and friction in big bikes, ensuring continuous power delivery during long rides.

Castrol POWER1 4T 15W-50, MotorcycleKeow Mei-Shan, Marketing Director of Castrol Malaysia said “We are constantly evolving to keep abreast with the needs of our consumers. The new Castrol POWER1 range is the direct effect of that very initiative. What remains at the forefront is our focus in continuously offering the best – Whether it’s an entirely new range or an improved formula, it comes with years of expertise and thorough research”.

As the proud sponsors of the Castrol LCR Honda team, Castrol also announced the new Castrol POWER1 RACING with Race Derived Technology™, that is proven to stay strong and deliver acceleration in race track conditions.


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