Proton Continues To Absorb Sales Tax Of Its Vehicles In October

Proton Continues To Absorb Sales Tax Of Its Vehicles In October

Proton has decided to continue to absorb the Sales & Service Tax (SST) of its vehicles in the month of October. This is in addition to the rebates offered for selected models.

Proton October 2018 Promotion, SST-Free, Malaysia“We are thankful to the government for the introduction of SST as it has resulted in lower prices for all Proton cars. The company has decided to extend the offer of SST-free pricing for another month as we would like to offer the benefit to as many customers as possible. Additionally, we also want to entice potential buyers by offering rebates worth up to RM3,000 for selected models. Ultimately, the aim is to maintain a consistent level of sales as we head toward adding the Proton X70 to our range at the end of 2018,” said Abdul Rashid Musa, Chief Executive Officer of Proton Edar.

Abdul Rashid also provided an update on Proton’s initiative to contribute to the Tabung Harapan. In line with the government’s announcement to close Tabung Harapan at the end of September, Proton will hand over a cheque for RM220,370, representing a RM10 contributed from every car sold in July, August and September 2018.

This is in addition to the RM61,730 contribution previously handed over for car sales in June, making the total contribution by the company RM282,100.

“PROTON had earlier pledged to earmark RM10 for the Tabung Harapan for every car sold from the beginning of June to the end of 2018. The announcement from the government to close the fund at the end of September means we have to bring the initiative to a premature end. However, we are proud of having made a contribution to help Malaysia that reinforces our standing as a responsible Malaysian corporate entity,” said Abdul Rashid.


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