Experiencing Volkswagens At The Volkswagen Track Day 2018 In Sepang

Experiencing Volkswagens At The Volkswagen Track Day 2018 In Sepang

Last week, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM), the official distributor of Volkswagen vehicles in Malaysia, hosted the Volkswagen Track Day at the Sepang International Circuit for its customers, corporate partners, guests and members of the media.

Volkswagen Track Day_Sepang International Circuit_VW Golf_MalaysiaThe Volkswagen Track Day, which actually started after sunset, was meant for owners and potential owners to experience the capabilities of a Volkswagen vehicle. For this, VPCM made available a fleet of the current line-up of VWs for all to try – from the Vento to the Tiguan to the Passat and the various Golf variants (including a Golf R), on the south track of Sepang.


Volkswagen Track Day_Jazeman Jaafar_VW Golf R_Sepang International Circuit_MalaysiaThose who chose not to drive had taxi ride opportunities, with the cars driven by instructors; promising Malaysian racer, Jazeman Jaafar, also gave taxi rides with the Golf R. Off the track, there was a J-turn demonstration and trial with a Polo hatchback. Other non-track activities were also available, including a virtual reality race simulator, gymkhana with remote controlled cars, merchandise and food trucks. Also available were free diagnostics for VW owners and tyre change demonstration by Continental Tyre Malaysia.

We had a chance on the track with several Volkswagen models; the most sought-after being the all-wheel-drive Golf R with 286 hp. A damp track due to heavy rain earlier in the day made things more exciting and interesting; and which made the regular Golf TSI so much more fun, in my humble opinion.



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