Toyota To Push New Brand Image; Continues With Vios Challenge One-Make Race

Toyota To Push New Brand Image; Continues With Vios Challenge One-Make Race

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has stated that it will market the Toyota brand in a new brand direction in light of the changing customer preferences and business landscape. Still continuing its “All About The Drive” branding, it will be refreshed with two brand promises i.e. to excite the daily drives of its customers, and to deliver prominence through its high-value-added products, services and association with the brand.

UMW Toyota Motor, All About The Drive, Malaysia“We understand that the needs of our customers are evolving and the behaviour of buying are also changing and we are prepared to respond to those needs and behaviours,” said Mr Ravindran K., President of UMWT. “We will provide high value-added and advanced products with advanced safety and connectivity features. We will also ensure the ownership experience of a Toyota will be worry-free and rewarding through high quality services and strong network,” he elaborated.

Toyota, All About The Drive, UMW Toyota Motor, MalaysiaUMWT will not be breaking any new grounds with such a move as some rival brands have already stepped forth with this initiative to cater to a more dynamic and demanding consumer behaviour. For Toyota, it is a case of ‘better late than never’ and it also has the advantage of looking at its rivals’ initiatives to see what works and what doesn’t in this market.

Regardless, in its effort to rejuvenate the Toyota brand image, UMWT will continue with the Vios Challenge under the “All About The Drive” umbrella. The second season of this one-make race is scheduled to start in August 2018; starting for the first time in the east coast (Stadium Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin in Terengganu; 2 – 4 August).

Toyota Vios Challenge, Promotional Class Celebrities, Malaysia, Ravindran KThe main draw at the Vios Challenge for the general public will be the Promotional Class where public figures like Diana Danielle, Janna Nick, Shawn Lee, and Syukri Yahaya will take to the tracks again for the second season. Meanwhile, racing for the first time in this category will be four new celebrity racers i.e. Aiman Tiko, Akim Ahmad, Nabil Ahmad, Khai Bahar, Nabila Razali and Wany Hasrita. This new group of racers will be trained at the Vios Academy to prepare them for the races.

Toyota Gazoo Racing, Vios Challenge 2018 - 2019, MalaysiaThe other categories in the Vios Challenge will be the Sporting Class for semi-professionals, and Super Sporting for professional racers.

The second season of the Vios Challenge will continue to be sponsored by Toyo Tires, Denso, TRD Asia, Enkei, Moty’s, Drive M7 Energy Drinks, and Toyota Capital Services. Vios Challenge will be the highlight event at the TGR (Toyota Gazoo Racing) Racing Festival weekends.

Toyota Gazoo Racing TGR Racing Festival, E-Sports, UMW Toyota Motor, MalaysiaAs an extension to TGR, UMWT will also be involved in the fast growing e-sports, which has over 14 million gamers in Malaysia.

“This is a very exciting time for us and we invite the public to join on this journey as the brand evolves to be more inspiring, exciting and relevant to all,” concluded Mr Ravindran.



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