Clean The Air With AMWAY Atmosphere Drive

Clean The Air With AMWAY Atmosphere Drive

The AMWAY Atmosphere is a premium air treatment system for the home, but now you can also treat the air in your car with the miniaturised version called Atmosphere Drive. Atmosphere Drive is an easy-to-install system that uses the Atmosphere Air Purifier filtration technology to purify the air in your vehicle.

Amway Atmosphere Drive In-Vehicle Air PurifierThis filtration system claims to remove 99% of pollutants (PM2.5) in your car and is the first of its kind to carry the Allergy UK seal of approval. PM2.5 refers to particulate matter with diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers; in comparison the diameter of human hair ranges between 30 – 100 micrometers.

And while many new cars include a pollen filter or a filter of some sort in the air-conditioning system, it may not be adequate to filter out microscopic pollutants that tend to defy gravity for longer and remain airborne. These particulates could trigger irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. People who are particularly sensitive to respiratory irritation or have allergic reactions should consider an additional air purifying system in the car, as many of us spend quite a bit of time in one.

The AMWAY Atmosphere Drive comes with a 3-in-1 filter i.e. a Pre-Filter, Particulate Filter, and Carbon Filter, capable of filtering out up to 99% of particles in a vehicle’s cabin (including odours and volatile organic compounds). It features adjustable fan speed (Low, High & Auto) and operates at a noise level that doesn’t exceed 55 dBa (conversational speech is about 60 dBa).

The Atmosphere Drive has a 4-meter 12V power cord for flexible placement of the system but it is recommended to be placed in a position that best allows for complete air circulation through the unit; this puts it somewhere around the centre of the cabin which is the front armrest (there’s an included Velcro strap to secure the unit).

For more information, check out the AMWAY site.



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