Volvo Trucks Malaysia Promotion On Genuine Volvo Coolants

Volvo Trucks Malaysia Promotion On Genuine Volvo Coolants

Volvo Trucks Malaysia is having a promotion on genuine Volvo coolants at attractive package price specially for Volvo Trucks’ customers.

Volvo Trucks_Genuine Volvo Coolants Promo_01 - MalaysiaThe genuine Volvo coolants are developed alongside the engine, with both undergoing the same tests and improvements, making it an integral part of the engine. Doing this ensures that the coolant is suitable for keeping the engine running at its optimum. There are 2 different types of coolants – Volvo Coolant VCS Ready Mixed and Volvo Coolant; both are monoethyleneglycol (MEG) based products.

When a Volvo engine is filled with genuine coolants that meets the cooling requirements of the engine, it helps prevent leakage, pitting and corrosion, which in turn increases uptime and engine life while lowering maintenance costs for the company and unexpected downtime for the truck.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia_Genuine Volvo Coolants Promo_2017 - Benefits”Using genuine Volvo products is very important when it comes to maintaining a vehicle’s lifespan as inferior coolant can cause corrosion, leakages, deposits and overheating of an engine’s cooling system which will then cause serious damage to the Volvo engine. As such, we highly encourage our customers to use Genuine Volvo Coolants which are specifically tailored for Volvo Trucks. When trucks are properly maintained using genuine Volvo products, it reduces downtime and increases business profitability,” says Mats Nilsson, Managing Director, Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia_Genuine Volvo Coolants Promo_2017 - Authorized DealersThe Volvo Coolants package is priced at RM 498 for 8 bottles of Volvo Coolant VCS Ready Mixed or 4 bottles of Volvo Coolant. This promotional price is available till year-end or while stocks last.

Besides the coolant offer, Volvo Trucks Malaysia is also offering a 60% discount on any additional parts related to the cooling system during this campaign period (i.e: coolant pump, radiator and hose). The discount is only applicable when the parts are installed for trucks in any of Volvo Trucks Malaysia’s 13 authorized workshops nationwide.


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