Isuzu Malaysia Delivers New ELF NPR Light Trucks To Tenaga Nasional Bhd

Isuzu Malaysia Delivers New ELF NPR Light Trucks To Tenaga Nasional Bhd

Isuzu Malaysia had recently delivered a new batch of 12 Isuzu light duty trucks to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), as part of a fleet agreement made in 2015. The handover ceremony held in Pekan, Pahang marked the latest phase of the RM 31 million deal for 200 units. The remainder are expected to be delivered to TNB by year-end.

Isuzu Malaysia - Tenaga Nasional Bhd ELF NPR Light Duty Truck Handover, Kenji Matsuoka & Mohammad Anas IbrahimThis 2-year fleet deal consists of customized Isuzu ELF NPR 6-Wheeler Crew Cab to serve as part of the field and rural support services. Additionally, these trucks, which offer notably wider cabin space and better engine performance, will be supplied to TNB Distribution centers nationwide.

Besides being replacements for TNB’s ageing fleet of support trucks, the new Isuzu light duty trucks are supposed to help ensure time-efficient customer service, while maintaining fuel efficiency and reliability to
keep TNB’s support operations running smoothly.

At the handover ceremony, Kenji Matsuoka, CEO of Isuzu Malaysia, took the opportunity to express his utmost gratitude to TNB for the trust and recognition shown towards Isuzu Malaysia, in tasking the light duty trucks to support the nation’s electrical needs. He added that aside from the enduring and robust qualities that the trucks had to offer, Isuzu Malaysia will always be prepared to serve TNB with proper support and services.

Isuzu Malaysia - TNB Light Duty Trucks Flag Off, Malaysia 2017The 12 new Isuzu ELF NPR 6-wheeler Crew Cabs were officially presented to Mohammad Anas Ibrahim, TNB’s General Manager of Fleet Management Department. Also present were Othman Alias (President) and Noh Jaafar (Vice President) of Kesatuan Percantuman Pekerja-Pekerja TNB, to mark the distribution of the vehicles to TNB distribution centers nationwide.


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