CARPIT : The App For Tire Servicing (And More)

CARPIT : The App For Tire Servicing (And More)

In the world of Formula One racing, a pit stop to change new tires is over in a couple of seconds. But since we don’t have dedicated engineers and pit crew to handle our tire choices, we use apps like Carpit. Available at no cost from Google Play and Apple Store, this app is a convenient platform that aggregates tire dealerships for you to see available tire choices and prices according to your vehicle’s requirements, in your chosen location. The app has a database of popular car models and their corresponding tire sizes for easy reference.

Carpit5 - CopyCarpit is also designed for consumer convenience, with some dealers offering free pick-up and drop-off services for changing new tires. It also prides itself to being the first service of its kind to offer end-to-end service assurance with a full warranty against any damage for all customers’ vehicles as well as any scams or unexpected charges to customers. The Carpit app shows prices that are transparent, with no hidden or extra charges that will be charged without notice. You only need to pay once through the app after all the required services have been completed, cutting out any potential risks for unexpected costs by the dealers.

To further safeguard consumers, Carpit will maintain a strict service quality guideline; app users will be able to rate and review the dealer to help reduce the potential for poor quality services and scams. There are currently 237 dealers listed in the Carpit platform, mainly in the Klang Valley but there are plans to increase this number as well as the areas of coverage.

To encourage the habit of regular check-ups for safety, the Carpit app also helps keep track of your tire service records and provides reminders so that you know when to send your car for a tire service. Additionally, the app allows you to store and enjoy a large variety of promotions by the service shop dealers.

Carpit App, Tai Qisheng, Q&A Malaysia Launch“The tire change industry in Malaysia has not changed the way they provide their service to Malaysians for many decades now, leading many today to see tire changes as more of a chore instead of the regular necessity it should be. In addition, we noticed a lack of strong solutions available to help make the experience more enjoyable for Malaysian drivers,” said Tai Qisheng, Co-Founder and CEO of Carpit Malaysia.

“As a company, we believe that a necessity should not be complicated nor confusing and it is this belief that has driven us to create the Carpit platform to streamline the way customers change their tyres. With our combined years of experience in the automotive and tyre manufacturing industry, we are proud to have developed a new platform that is both easy and transparent to help bring the traditional tyre servicing industry into the modern 21st century. We hope that interested users will join us in the beta stage of our release to share their feedback and play a part in shaping our innovative platform,” he added.

The company is also planning to add ancillary services to the app for customer’s convenience, including but not limited to oil change, etc.

Carpit App, Leona Chin, MalaysiaTo promote safety (after all, these 4 pieces of rubber are the only things between you and the road), Carpit is working with Leona Chin, a professional race car driver and drifter, to create better tire safety awareness and encourage more Malaysians to get into the habit of regular tire check-up and maintenance.

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