It’s Illegal To Drive On The Overtaking Lane

It’s Illegal To Drive On The Overtaking Lane

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Keep Right SignHere’s a little story from across the pond. The state of Michigan has made it illegal to drive/cruise on the left lane (that’s the right lane, in our case). The left lane in the USA is the ‘fast lane’ or ‘overtaking lane’ since they drive on the right side of the road.

Beginning last week, Michigan State Police have officially started to crackdown on motorists driving on the left lane and not overtaking or passing slower vehicles. This new law is meant to prevent road hogging and improve safety. Those caught driving on the left lane could get a summons or penalty points on their license.

Michigan State Police CarCars used by the Michigan State Police include the Dodge Charger (very likely the V8 version) and Chevrolet Impala, so trying to outrun them is a futile effort.

It’s yet to be seen how this law will improve road safety or reduce road rage / accidents.


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