If You Heard About The Mercedes-Benz Recall, You’ll Want To Know This

If You Heard About The Mercedes-Benz Recall, You’ll Want To Know This

It’s in the news – about 1,000,000 Mercedes-Benz vehicles are to be recalled globally subsequent to the discovery of a fire risk. Daimler AG has determined that in certain vehicles which have previously experienced damage, such as being through a flood or been submerged in water (a condition known as ‘hydrolocked engine’), the starting current limiter may experience an overload under certain conditions during the starting procedure.

In this condition, should the driver attempt to start the engine repeatedly despite the engine not cranking, the very high electric current might lead to overheating of the starting current limiter, which could result in a fire risk.

So if your new Mercedes-Benz doesn’t start after a few tries (regardless of it being in or through water), DO NOT repeatedly attempt to start it.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has advised that it is awaiting further information from Daimler AG, and will update its customers immediately upon receiving the details.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia will take all necessary measures in accordance with its stringent global guidelines and procedures, and with the safety and best interests of its customers at heart. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, please call the Mercedes-Benz customer care line: 1-800-88-1133.


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