3M Malaysia Launches Reflective Stickers For Commercial Vehicles

3M Malaysia Launches Reflective Stickers For Commercial Vehicles

As a road safety measure, the Road Transport Department (RTD / JPJ) has made it mandatory for all commercial vehicles to use reflective stickers for better visibility. In line with this move, 3M Malaysia, a world leader in science and technology, has launched the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ (DG3) Conspicuity Marking.

As part of the ongoing efforts in reducing road accidents involving commercial vehicles, JPJ has provided directives that beginning 1 January 2017, all commercial vehicles must use SIRIM-certified lorry marking reflective stickers that comply to Malaysian Standard (MS 828:2011).

3M 01 Diamond Grade Conspicuity Marking LaunchDuring the launch of the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ (DG3) Conspicuity Marking, GT Lim, General Manager for Safety & Graphic Business Group, said, “As a world leader in reflective sheeting technology and innovation, 3M is uniquely positioned to support government efforts in reducing accidents on the road. Beginning with reflective road signages, today, we have also made lorry marking reflective stickers available here in Malaysia. We are confident that the new standard will be adhered with the assistance of strict enforcement from the local authorities such as JPJ and PUSPAKOM.”

The move proves to be an important milestone to reduce the number of fatalities due to road accidents. At night, the eye perceives only 5% of the information we see during the day. This implies that vehicle conspicuity at night is especially critical in ensuring vehicle and road safety.

“Commercial vehicles which are installed with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ (DG3) Conspicuity Marking are easier and faster to detect than unmarked vehicles or those that are faultily marked. This essentially increases driver’s reaction time, allowing him or her to maneuver vehicle to safety and would enhance assessment of parked or slow moving vehicles from a distance; all of which will contribute to improved safety on the road and minimize accidents,” concluded Lim.

3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity Marking For Trucks, MalaysiaThe 3M™ Diamond Grade™ (DG3) Conspicuity Marking features a full cube technology with efficient optics that will provide brighter markings for road users as compared to non-compliant reflective stickers. The vehicle conspicuity markings are available in strong rigid construction for easy adhesion on smooth and even surfaces. Manufactured using materials of highest quality, the 3M™ Diamond Grade™ (DG3) Conspicuity Marking are designed with durability in mind, to be able to withstand the weather conditions in Malaysia.

Tiong Nam Logistics Holdings Berhad, one of the largest total logistics service providers in Malaysia, is one of the first companies which have pledged to fully equip its commercial vehicles with the JPJ compliant reflector stickers. “With a fleet of over 2,000 trucks, Tiong Nam is committed to ensure its culture of service excellence by adhering to the new regulation, giving its customers peace of mind,” said Ong Yoong Nyock, Managing Director of Tiong Nam Logistics.

With the date of enforcement approaching, customers can now purchase 3M lorry marking reflective stickers from 3M Authorised Distributors and their dealers. As of January 2017, 3M™ Diamond Grade™ (DG3) Conspicuity Marking will also be available for purchase at the major Puspakom Centers nationwide. The price is very affordable with the standard products priced at a range of RM 60-70. There is a different price for bulk purchase.

For more information on the lorry marking reflective stickers, please kindly visit www.3M.com.my/lorrymarking.


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