Westlake Tyres Officially In Malaysia

Westlake Tyres Officially In Malaysia

Westlake Marketing Malaysia (WMM) has officially launched the Westlake tyre brand in Malaysia, which spans a range of passenger car, SUV, truck, bus, off-road, industrial and agricultural-use tyres. Supported by ZhongCe Rubber Group Co Ltd, the manufacturer of the Westlake brand, WMM aims to offer premium quality tyres at affordable prices.

ZhongCe Rubber is a Hangzhou-based manufacturer which has been in business since 1958. It claims to be China’s number one tyre manufacturer, with 30,000 employees and ranks among the top 10 in the world since 2012 selling to over 160 countries. In China, ZhongCe supplies OEM tyres to such brands as Land Rover, Volvo, Mazda, Changan and Geely.

Westlake Tyre Launch 2016 Malaysia, Ge Guorong, Vice President ZhongCe Rubber Group & Tan Heong Thong Managing Director Westlake Marketing Malaysia“We are proud to be the sole importer and distributor of Westlake to offer a wide range of tyres catered for everyone to experience premium quality tyres at an affordable price. We also look at launching more tyre ranges next year to meet the growing demands of the market. At Westlake Tyres, customers’ safety is our utmost priority and we will continuously innovate to ensure that our tires are truly superior products to provide a seamless experience for our customers in Malaysia,” said Tan Heong Thong, Managing Director of Westlake Marketing Malaysia.

Mr Tan also mentioned that the company plans to open at least 2 – 3 Westlake Centre concept stores by this year and to progressively establish 5 – 7 Centres each year. There are currently about 300 outlets retailing Westlake tyres in Malaysia. There are even plans to bring the Westlake brand of bicycle and motorcycle tyres, if they see local demand for such.

Westlake Tyres Malaysia Launch 2016About 85% of the Westlake tires available in Malaysia is sourced from ZhongCe Rubber’s manufacturing facility in Rayong, Thailand; the niche and high-end models will come from China. Bringing in the tyres from Thailand makes more sense as it will incur lower taxation and purchase costs. Westlake tyres are also designed to suit the local road conditions and climate; it has a research & development centre in Hangzhou staffed by 1,300 experienced employees.

“We see a potential growth in the Malaysia market and we are immensely excited to introduce Westlake tyres in Malaysia. As a global tire brand, ZhongCe Rubber Group shipped over 16 million consumer and commercial tyres as well as 35 million bicycle and motorcycle tyres to more than 160 markets. With the introduction of Westlake Tyres in Malaysia, we hope to offer consumers with more choices and allow them to experience a myriad of premium quality tyres at an affordable price,” said Ge Guorong, Vice President of ZhongCe Rubber Group.

In addition to the launch, WMM also presented the SKM (Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia) certificate to the technicians it sponsored in collaboration with the Myskill Corridor academy. The SKM is awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources for an intensive training course to upgrade technical skills.


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