Toyota Wants To Play Tag

Toyota Wants To Play Tag

If you’re thinking the 20th century game “Tag”, that’s not “it”. Try a more modern meaning of the term “Tag”, like what you do on social media. That’s what Toyota wants to do, in principle, in a patent filing entitled “Classifying Routes of Travel”.

In this lengthy document, what Toyota essentially wants to do is to have the car integrated into your life as well as someone else’s; just like when you share your Facebook status with an emotion attached, or upload a picture on Instagram to depict your mood at that moment.

The proposed system is a method for tagging a route of travel by capturing scenes along the route, be they of buildings, beaches or mountains (a camera, maybe multiple, is a must), estimating your emotional state while traveling that particular route (image capture of your face, pulse rate, etc) and gathering weather data. It could also include other sensors for detecting road and driving conditions as well as obstacles.

Toyota Patent Tag Route

This information could be stored internally, in smart devices or the cloud and accessed later on either by yourself or by others. You, or others could then pick the same routes not unlike picking a song collection on Spotify, based on your mood. For example, if you want to elevate your blood pressure, you can select a route which takes you through the city in rush hour but many of us already know that trick.

This idea looks to be still a long way from becoming reality and many patents are filed for the sake of locking in an idea first but continue to exist only in theory. In today’s world of the technology-savvy however, anything’s possible.



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