Nippon Paint Shares 2016/17 Automotive Colour Trend

Nippon Paint Shares 2016/17 Automotive Colour Trend

(L-R): Mr. Alex Yoong, AGM - Marketing, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, Mr. Ong AGM of IU Marketing, Makiko Kawada - Manager of Marketing

Malaysia’s No. 1 coating solutions provider, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group (“Nippon Paint”) has unveiled the Automotive Trend Colour 2016/17 consisting of 39 colours based on three key themes – Wonder-Lust, New Eco and We Are One.

This is the second year Nippon Paint is announcing its findings although they have long practiced colour forecasting. This forecasting of colour trends is based on the annual Asia Pacific Chromazone Colour Forecasting Workshop organized by Nippon Paint together with Colour Marketing Group. This workshop brings together 80 design professionals from all over Asia to develop an Asian colour palette.

The Automotive Trend Colour initiative is optimized for the automotive industry and is purposed as a reference point for professionals in the automotive industry for application on cars, motorcycles, helmets and components.

(L-R) Mr. Alex Yoong, AGM - Marketing, Nippon Paint Malaysia Group and Mr. Ong AGM of IU Marketing at the ATC 1617 exhibition“Taking leadership on colour innovations and our focus in the Asia markets, we at Nippon Paint are introducing these colours that is set to drive the trend for the current and coming years. We understand that cars are not merely modes of transportation but an extension of our personality and an emblem of our achievements in life. Similarly, just like decorative coatings, automotive colours can also be used as a platform for self-expression and this is an important facet for our consumers,” said Mr Alex Yoong, Assistant General Manager (Marketing) of Nippon Paint Malaysia Group, at the official launch of Automotive Trend Colour 2016/17 held at AutoFest 2016 in Kuala Lumpur.

“Nippon Paint believes that our automotive colour range is more than just colours. It’s the important back-end role of technology in our coatings that deliver front-end superior functionality and mesmerising colours. Case in point, we developed the colour Soul Red with a multi-layer reflection technology that marked its debut with the launch of Mazda6 and since then have become the signature colour of Mazda. We will be looking at more collaborations with various car brands in developing new colours for their auto range,” added Mr Yoong.

DSC_7355Available in Crystal, Pearl, Metallic and Solid finishes, the 39 colours are categorized into three themes – “Wonder-Lust”, “New Eco”, We Are One”, to appeal to different personalities.

Wonder-Lust is aimed at being an extension of automotive owners’ passionate and lively persona and features colours that balances energy and flamboyance. It is passionate yet controlled and portrays confidence that desires a second glance and exudes sportiness. Colours in this group are called Dancing Pink, RacingI and Fighter.

New Eco pays homage to Mother Earth and all its unique environments by fusing dark earthy, autumn tones with blues, greens and whites into a palette of modern eco-colour schemes. Elegant, delicate and rooted, New Eco projects a mature and refined choice of colour for luxury and hybrid vehicles. Colours include Tahitian Green, Starting Oliver and Sand Castle.

We Are One is about being individually different yet connected at the same time. Time-tested colours that transcend trends and seasons dominate this palette. We Are One comes in shades of blues, greys and greens and is versatile in application. Colours include Let’s Go, Blackjack and Medusa.

A long-time player in the automotive OEM market as well as the pioneer of the Pearl system, Nippon Paint also focuses on providing after-market coating solutions to the automotive refinishing business. As consumers are keeping their cars longer, Nippon Paint sees opportunity to provide new and innovative solutions for these car owners, from paints to protective clear coating.

One example is the recently introduced Nax Crystal 9905 which provides an armor-like protection and an unrivaled glossy finish. It boasts a robust molecular structure to form a high density cross-linked and excellent bonding in the paint film that results in better scratch resistance and innovative self-healing properties, excellent chemical and gasoline resistance and superior mirror image gloss. In essence, the car’s clear coating will ‘heal’ itself of fine scratches when exposed to sunlight.

Many of us don’t bother asking body and paint shops what brand of paint or clear coat when getting our car resprayed. Which is why Nippon Paint has opened a booth at Autofest KL 2016 starting today (Friday, 13 May) until Sunday (15 May). The booth is in Hall A of the MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah. Admission is free.


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