Toyota And Lexus Malaysia Extend Warranty Coverage To 5 Years

Toyota And Lexus Malaysia Extend Warranty Coverage To 5 Years

All Toyota and Lexus models bought from UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT) and Lexus Malaysia (and their authorized dealers) and registered from 1st April 2016 in Malaysia will be covered by a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty. The extension of the warranty period to 5 years (from the previous 3) covers all fully imported and locally assembled models bought through official channels.

For current owners whose Toyota or Lexus vehicles are still covered by the 3-year warranty, you can extend the coverage period to 5 years for a one-time charge (depending on model). This extension offer is available from now until 30th September 2016. Owners who sign up will receive a free MaxCheck Advance or Lexus Service package.

Toyota 5YEARS Warranty

The 5-year warranty conditions remain identical throughout the entire period of coverage i.e. no reduction in coverage during the additional years.

“Toyota vehicles are built to the highest quality standards and the strong reputation of the brand has been gained through the reliability and durability of our products. By providing an extended warranty period, this demonstrates our confidence in the build quality not only of our vehicles but also of the manufacturing processes at our plants,” said Akio Takeyama, Deputy Chairman of UMWT.

Mr. Takeyama also stressed that the 5-year warranty for both brands is fully backed by Toyota Motor Corporation and UMWT, provided the vehicles were bought from the official and authorized distributor. “Vehicles brought in by parallel importers may or may not have warranty offered. Therefore it is always better to buy vehicles that are imported by an authorized distributor such as UMWT, where the vehicles are covered with a full 5 years warranty, giving customers a piece-of-mind,” he said.

Lexus 5YEARS WarrantyDatuk Ismet Suki, President of UMWT said, “By providing a longer warranty, we aim to enhance the value of Toyota vehicles as well as increase customer confidence in our products. Additionally, resale value can also be better as the warranty is transferable if it is still in effect.”

“Furthermore, with no limit on mileage, owners can enjoy the warranty coverage for the full 5 years,” he said, adding that it is also a way of showing appreciation to customers for their support.

The warranty coverage also applies to the Toyota Hilux and Toyota Hiace even though both commercial vehicles will be subjected to heavy usage. “We are confident that Toyota vehicles are tough and reliable and the extended warranty is intended to give greater peace of mind to owners,” said Datuk Ismet.

As with all manufacturers’ warranties, owners must adhere to the scheduled service intervals which must be done at authorised Toyota or Lexus service centres. It is also a condition of the warranty that use of non-genuine parts and technical alterations not authorized or approved by UMWT or Lexus Malaysia will void the warranty.

Certain models may also have warranties covering specific items which are separate from the 5-year warranty e.g. the battery packs for Toyota and Lexus hybrid models have an 8-year warranty period. Specific warranties are also provided for items such as tires and batteries in all vehicles.

Further information on the new extended warranty coverage can be obtained from Toyota and Lexus showrooms. Or you can call the Toyota free-phone at 1800-8-TOYOTA (869682).


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