Mitsubishi’s New & Bold Black Triton Phantom

Mitsubishi’s New & Bold Black Triton Phantom

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The new Triton Phantom looks mean and macho!

Kuala Lumpur, 7 January 2016 – Just a week into 2106, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia starts the ball rolling by introducing the Mitsubishi Triton Phantom. Derived from the Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure variant, the Phantom is a limited production run of only 200 units, made to appeal to the ‘bad boy’ side of 4 x 4 double cab pickup buyers, and is offered alongside its existing models.

The new Triton Phantom looks mean and macho!
The new Triton Phantom looks mean and macho!


Available only in all black, the Triton Phantom is a showcase that tells one that the Triton can look really macho, tough, and mean. If my guess is right, the 200 units are likely to be snapped up really quickly.

The accessories package bumps up the price by approximately RM5K,  to RM115K+, but the value of the total exceeds this amount, making really a worthwhile consideration. This is because I own a 4 x 4 myself, and just fitting a rear cover for my truck already set me back RM4,200, and that was a year ago.

What you get in the Triton Phantom are:-

  • All-black colour with Phantom Decals and body stickers
  • Black Rear full cover with Sports bar
  • Rear bumper rendered in black (of course)
  • Matte-black 17-inch alloy wheels,
  • Front bumper extender with HID headlamps and DRL
  • Matte-black grille
  • Exclusive black leather Phantom seats

Exclusive Phantom black leather seats.

In addition, you get everything the Triton VGT adventure offers, including the well-proven and ever reliable 178PS common-rail DOHC diesel engine with a Variable Geometry Turbocharger delivering 400Nm of torque, a 5-speed automatic transmission and paddle shifters. In addition, the Triton Phantom comes standard with push-start button, keyless operation, dual SRS airbags for driver and front passenger, and ABS with EBD.

Rather than shopping around to put together an expensive accessory package, and perhaps voiding your warranty, you can get the Triton Phantom already conveniently done up by paying just a little extra, and pay it off through your monthly instalments. Better hurry though, because it will be going out pretty fast!

Created in all-black with accessories to match its tough lookSports bar with full box and matte black rear bumper


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