BMW Motorrad launches S 1000 XR and R 1200 RS motorcycles in...

BMW Motorrad launches S 1000 XR and R 1200 RS motorcycles in Malaysia

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BMW Motorrad has further expanded its model portfolio in Malaysia to include two new motorcycles that were launched today, namely the S 1000 XR and R 1200 RS.

Following from the S 1000 RR, HP4, and S 1000 R models, the S 1000 XR is the fourth member of BMW Motorrad’s family of high-performance four-cylinder motorcycles. Powering it is a 999cc short-stroke inline-4 with the ability to rev all the way to 10,000rpm, generating 160hp and 112Nm along the way.

Underpinning it is a chassis built around a newly-developed aluminium perimeter frame welded together from four separate segments consisting of its steering head, engine and swing arm mount, plus two side sections. The rear frame, also made of aluminium, is built with added strength to give increased load carrying capacity needed for long distance travel.

Filled with a full tank of fuel, the S 1000 XR weighs in at just 228kg. Its wheel geometry is configured with its front castor measuring 18.5 more and raking 0.8 degree more than the S 1000 R, while its double-sided rear swing arm stretches 65mm longer. These alterations are meant to give the XR superior traction and directional stability over the R.

Matching its high performance levels, the S 1000 XR comes with anti-lock brakes and stability control as standard together with electronically-controlled suspension that serve to maximize safety without sacrificing dynamism. The standard electronics offer the rider two riding modes – ‘Rain’ and ‘Road’ – with an optional Riding mode Pro option adding Dynamic Traction Control along with further two ride settings – ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Dynamic Pro’.

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The R 1200 RS, meanwhile, is a sports tourer bike moulded in the familiar template that have been hallmarks of the BMW RS family since the original R 100 RS premiered in 1976. Compared to the 1000’s 1.0-litre four-pot, the R 1200 RS’ 1,170cc flat twin engine, shared with the R 1200 GS and R 1200 RT, has greater emphasis for torque than outright horsepower, pulling over 100Nm across its rev band, peaking at 125Nm whilst generating maximum power of 125hp.

Engineered with an emphasis on sportiness and long-distance touring capabilities, the R 1200 RS is built on an all-new chassis. Its tubular steel bridge frame, developed specifically for the bike, incorporates the engine itself as a self-supporting structural element.

Like the S 1000 XR, the R 1200 RS offers its rider two riding modes – ‘Rain’ and ‘Road’ – alongside stability control as standard, which can be optionally enhanced with the Riding mode Pro feature that adds dynamic traction control along with two other riding modes – ‘Dynamic’ and ‘User’. Also offered as an option is electronic suspension which alters damper settings using electrically-actuated control valves.

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On-road prices of the two bikes, inclusive GST but without insurance, are as follows:
– S 1000 XR: RM112,900
– R 1200 RS: RM101,900


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