Proton offers relief to flood-hit cars

Proton offers relief to flood-hit cars

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Floods have the unfortunate effect of causing severe damage to property and cars are not spared of their devastating effects. Flood-damaged vehicles require extensive repair, with many parts having to be changed altogether. Costs of such repairs will naturally be expensive and unlikely to be borne by insurance companies thanks to the convenient ‘act of God’ clause.

In this monsoon period, Proton is offering its flood-hit owners a small respite by launching the ‘Proton We-Care Prihatin Banjir’ campaign which kicks off with immediate effect and will run until 15 Feb 2014. Through the programme, Proton is offering affected owners free inspection and damage assessment for their vehicles plus a blanket 20% discount on purchase of genuine parts.

Owners are required to lodge a police report before claiming their free inspection and discounted parts. Quite why this step is deemed necessary is beyond us, as flooded cars exhibit VERY obvious signs.

“We understand how difficult it can be for people who are affected in flood-prone areas. Year after year they face the same problems and damages to their property and belonging, which may include their Proton cars. For most families, it can be one of the biggest spending of their household. This is one of the ways that we hope to assist the flood victims in their time of need,” said En. Hisham Othman, Chief Operating Officer (Commercial) of Proton.

For flood-affected cars, Proton recommends the following steps to minimize and mitigate overall damage to your vehicles:
1. Do not turn on your car engine.
2. Do not use a remote control to open the car door. Instead, do this manually.
3. Make sure to remove the negative terminal of the car battery to stop the flow of electricity in the car.
4. All three measures above are intended to minimize damage to equipment, in particular to electrical and mechanical components of the vehicle.
5. If these steps are taken, some equipment can still be saved.
6. After turning off the car electricity, remove valuables from the car, lock the door manually and get the car towed to an authorized PROTON Service Center.


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