Continental launches job-searching app

Continental launches job-searching app

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Are you seeking employment in the automotive industry? If yes, the Continental Group is a good place to look at. Through its various business units, the Continental Group supplies all sorts of parts and equipments to automobile manufacturers around the world. We have covered the Group’s business units extensively in recent years, and you can read about them in our archives.

To facilitate its international recruiting operations, Continental has launched a free career app for jobseekers to find openings in the Group’s ranks. Supported on Apple devices, the app shows the latest open positions in the company, updated minute by minute, which can be filtered by career level, location, and field. An Android version is currently in development. Users can even share job openings with friends on various social media platforms.

“With our new app, the search for job openings is easy and intuitive – at the national and international level. We are thus responding to the user behavior of our target groups, who are online ever more often via smartphones,” says Sehnaz Özden, head of Corporate Employer Branding & Strategic Recruiting.

In a collaboration with the University of Regensburg, Continental’s Corporate Employer Branding & Strategic Recruiting developed the concept together with the software experts in the Interior division specifically in charge of technical implementation of the concept. The app can be downloaded free from the iTunes store at the following link.



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