Michael Schumacher makes surprise classroom visit on UTP students

Michael Schumacher makes surprise classroom visit on UTP students

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College and uni days are fun only after you leave them behind. If you don’t believe us, why were you skipping classes back then and looking back in nostalgia now? While those of us who graduated into the working world tend to miss the carefree life in campus, those who are still there see only piles of assignments, tutorials and exams to dread.

Life in university is predictably routine most of the time, but if you stick your head over your pile of books once in a while, things do get interesting once in a while. Take a group of Universiti Teknologi Petronas students for example – they are currently undergoing an internship with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team in London. Hailing from an engineering background myself, that is an opportunity me and most of my classmates would have died for.

Recently, however, the group of students were given another memorable experience to add to their collective memoirs – a surprise visit by Michael Schumacher and Jazeman Jaafar as chronicled in the embedded video below. No F1 legend ever visited my classroom…..

Pictures: Official Mercedes AMG Petronas and Jazeman Jaafar release.


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