BMW adds new 3 Series and Z4 variants to Malaysian lineup

BMW adds new 3 Series and Z4 variants to Malaysian lineup

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BMW Malaysia today bolstered its already sizable lineup in the market with the addition of five new variants of the 3 Series and Z4 to its range. The new 3 Series variants are in essence the facelifted models of the 3 Series Coupe and Convertible, launched worldwide by BMW not too long ago.

Unveiling the new cars, Geoffrey Briscoe, Managing Director, BMW Group Malaysia said, “Late last year and earlier this year, the BMW Group introduced new versions of the BMW Z4 as well as the BMW 3 Series Coupe and Convertible to the world. In keeping to our strategy of introducing as many new BMW cars to Malaysia as soon as they are introduced to the world, we have brought you these new cars today.”

BMW 3 Series Coupe

The 3 Series Coupe range is now bolstered by the addition of the 325i added to a line-up which already consists of the 320i and the 335i M Sport. All three variants are upgraded to 2010 specifications, with LED usage standard for all three in their blinkers, tail lights, and angel eyes.

Engines on offer are all familiar to us and require little introduction, being essentially the same units used in the sedan variants. In the 320i Coupe, the 1,995cc N46B20 four-banger from the sedan and also pre-facelift coupe continues to see action with a maximum output 156hp and maximum torque of 200Nm.

Moving up the food chain, the 325i Coupe draws propulsion from the sweet-revving 2,497cc N52B25 motor tweaked, in this guise, to produce 218hp and 250Nm. To refresh your mind, this is the same state of tune used for the 325i sedan and also the E60 525i.

On top of the food chain, the 335i M Sport gets a new motor in its engine bay. The twin-turbo N54B30 has been removed and replaced with the newer N55B30, which now has a twin-scroll turbo, direct injection, and Valvetronic. First introduced in the 535i GT and the F10 535i sedan, with output figures of 306hp and 400Nm quoted for the 2,979cc six-cylinder engine. In addition to a new engine, the 335i also gets BMW’s 7-speed twin clutch DCT transmission.

In terms of equipment, the 320i Coupe is offered with what BMW calls an Innovation Package, which slaps an additional RM20k on its sticker price. Ticking the box for this package gets you iDrive complete with an 8.8-inch LCD screen, built-in DVD, GPS, integrated hard disk and bluetooth interface. A glass roof is also offered as a RM10k option for 320i and 325i buyers. Meanwhile, the top dog 335i with its M Sport badge comes complete with the full M Sport cosmetic and suspension treatment.

BMW 3 Series Convertible

As before, the 3 Series Convertible range will only be offered with one powertrain option – the 325i with the same 2.5-litre engine from the, well, 325i Coupe and Sedan. The three-piece folding hardtop is retained, with a folding time of 22 seconds.

BMW Z4 sDrive35is M Sport

This souped up version of the Z4-35i continues to feature the same 3.0-litre N54 twin turbo engine, but massaged to produce 340hp and 450Nm sent to the rear by the same 7-speed DCT found in the 335i. In addition to Dynamic Driving Control, it also comes complete with Launch Control, for you to get your best century sprint times.

Pictures: Images are official BMW release, and actual units sold in our markets may vary from what’s shown.


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