Bufori Geneva debuts at … err, Geneva

Bufori Geneva debuts at … err, Geneva

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The Bufori Motor Car Company has today unveiled its latest model at the 80th Geneva International Motor Show. Designated as the Bufori Mk VI in pre-launch press materials, the company has officially christened it the name ‘Bufori Geneva’, after the venue of the car’s launch.

“We have decided to name this new Bufori model after the city it was launched in, as this occasion marks an important milestone in our company history. We also wanted to pay tribute to the 80th edition of this fantastic motor show and the beautiful city of Geneva,” said Chairman and Co-Founder, Anthony Khouri, who personally unveiled the car at the motor show alongside co-founders George Khouri and Gerry Khouri.

Unlike the company’s existing model, the retro-looking Bufori La Joya, the Geneva is noticeably more modern in styling with cues such as bi-xenon headlights and LED taillights.

In line with its luxury character, the Geneva’s interior is swathed with leather and wood veneer. Ingress and egress for rear passengers are via rear-hinged coach doors not unlike that of a Rolls-Royce. The rear individual seats are fully adjustable, with a comprehensively equipped rear centre console sitting in between.

The rear center console is entirely customized to the owner’s requirements. Some unique features include a fine tea set with instant boiling water and sink, an Espresso coffee maker or even an ice box. An integrated cool box & mini bar for champagne and glasses, a strong box (safe) for valuables or a cigar humidor are also available.

Under the Geneva’s skin are underpinnings engineered to world-class standards and built with state of the art materials. Its semi-monocoque body is made of Hybrid Carbon Fibre and Kevlar infused with Vinylester resin, which is claimed to combine qualities of provides supreme strength, light-weight and superior structural integrity. The chassis itself is made using top grade stainless steel.

Sitting in the engine room is the famous 6.1-litre Hemi V8 from Chrysler, which currently also sees action in the Chrysler 300C SRT-8, Dodge Challenger SRT-8 and Dodge Charger SRT-8. Bufori quotes output figures of 430hp @ 6,000rpm and 569Nm @ 4,800rpm for the 6,059cc engine. As a side note, Chrysler quoted an identical torque figure for the 300C SRT-8, but a slightly lower max power of 425hp @ 6,000rpm. An optional supercharger that beefs output to 560hp and 690Nm is also offered.

Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via an adaptive automatic transmission and limited slip differential. This setup is good enough to power the Geneva to a 6 second century dash, while top speed is estimated at 265kph.

Vented discs are provided at all four corners, as are independent air suspension. The front axle is held by unequal length arms, while the rear utilizes a multi-link setup.

Electronic driver aids on the Geneva comes in the form of Anti Lock Braking System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution, Brake Assist, Traction Control, Steering Angle Control and Adaptive Cruise Control. Available as options are a Thermal Imaging Night Vision camera, Lane Departure Warning, and Heads-Up Display. Certainly no shortage of electronics there.

Gerry Khouri, Managing Director and Co-Founder of BUFORI said, “This new model marks an important milestone in the company’s history. This new model, introduces the first of a new generation of BUFORI vehicles. We have been developing this new model for close to 2 years and are proud of our achievements.”

Joe Lim, Managing Director of BUFORI Sales & Marketing said, “We are very happy to introduce this magnificent new model. Our customers and official dealers have been waiting for this four door BUFORI and we are convinced that we will exceed their expectations”.

Felix Haller, General Manager – Marketing & International Business Development of BUFORI, said, “Our aim is to offer a genuine alternative to the luxury saloon segment, and at a global level. We have created something truly unique that epitomises the BUFORI DNA; An ageless contemporary classic styling, quality and attention to detail, traditional craftsmanship and endless customisation possibilities. The BUFORI Geneva is targeted at individuals who are passionate about automotive design and technology and are unable to identify themselves with a bland mass-produced luxury car.”

Bufori is set to commence production of the Geneva in June 2010, with the first units set for delivery before the year ends. Like all Bufori vehicles, the Geneva will be built to order and customized to the customer’s needs and wants.

Pictures: Official Bufori press release


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