Oi, Your Grandfather’s Road ar??

Oi, Your Grandfather’s Road ar??

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That expression forming the title, is usually hurled at unsuspecting pedestrians or motorists who inadvertently find themselves in the way of others along the congested roads of our cities. Words that usually follow that utterance are rarely pleasant, and are most certainly not suitable for print. Nevertheless, it is a phrase as ingrained into our culture as nasi lemak and ais kacang.

It is a phrase of cultural significance it was only going to be a matter of time before someone picked it up and made something out of it, just like how a bunch of resourceful comedians call themselves the MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians). In a similar vein, local production house Sunny Stories Sdn Bhd has came up with a film project titled, you guessed it, Your Grandfather’s Road.

Said to be a Malaysian filmmaking first, YGR is being described as an ‘on-the-road movie by the Malaysian public, for the Malaysian public.’ Its tagline says, ‘Your Country. Your Stories. Your Movie.’ Indeed you are actually invited to contribute your ideas to the storytelling and character development of the movie via the film project’s official website at www.yourgrandfathersroad.com, and a script will be developed within two months incorporating as much of the ideas mooted as possible.

After drafting, the script will go back to the public for feedback on design, location, casting, music, art direction and cinematographic ideas. After the film is shot, it will then be screened in local cinemas.

Drafted in as partner of the project is MINI Malaysia. At the launch of the film project, Farid Sulaiman, MINI Manager, BMW Group Malaysia said, “Excitement is at the heart of the MINI brand and the Your Grandfather’s Road film project challenges Malaysians to appreciate the excitement in our day to day lives which indeed, define us. It is unique, one of a kind, and ahead of its time, very much like the MINI.”

Manesh Nesaratnam, Creative Director, Sunny Stories Sdn Bhd, providing more details on the film project said, “With Your Grandfather’s Road, we aim to create a meaningfulĀ  connection between the art and process of filmmaking and public contribution. But more than that, the project also aims to inspire and spark the imagination of millions of young Malaysians as we grow as a culture, and a unified Malaysia. It is about making a very Malaysian feature film by the Malaysian public for the Malaysian public.”

Manesh Nesaratnam, Creative Director, Sunny Stories Sdn Bhd
Manesh Nesaratnam

Nesaratnam further added, “Road trips are a common element in the lives of most Malaysians. It is an experience we go through a lot, especially during the festive seasons. It is a very big part of our culture and every Malaysian has a unique and interesting road trip story to tell. This film project aims to tell these stories and bring them to life.”

The website for the project, the aforementioned www.yourgrandfathersroad.com was launched earlier this month to begin canvassing for public contributions in generating, discussing, and developing story lineĀ and character ideas, which would then be incorporated into the script of a full-length feature film slated for screening in cinemas nationwide.

If you have any memorable roadtrip experiences to share with the country, head to www.yourgrandfathersroad.com. Who knows? Your adventures could end up being chronicled into a feature film, whether or not the road belonged to your grandfather.

Roshan Ravi, Amy Lim and Manesh Nesaratnam of Sunny Stories Sdn Bhd with Anne Low and Ng Ping Ho of Popiah Pictures



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